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eGigs is just starting out ....

if you have an idea on how to make this website better, please post your suggestions, and the best *will* be incorporated into this website.

There are many features to still be added - to help you get the best from this site - over the next couple of weeks, and so it could be that things you suggest are already planned.

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Hi Neil,

You've been going a while now, and I wonder if you feel you need all the regional venue boards. I think they might make the board look a bit too cumbersome, and perhaps daunting to new users, and i wonder if it might seem better if they were simply in a merged 'venues' thread?

What does everyone else think?

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yeah, it's something that I've considered doing.

Perhaps the way to do it would be to put them as subforums of a main "venues" forums (in the same way that Glasto has sub forums on the festivals boards)? What do peeps think?

Also, I guess if I were to do that, it might be an idea to further split out the bands forums, so there's few letters used for each forum? What do peeps think?

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hi neil

how about a sticky for accomodation suggestions.

seen as public transport rubbish for gigs nowadays a lot of people forced to shell out for a nights accomodation :)

so would be helpful if people could list where they stayed after a gig

hotel, b+b etc.

a couple of reccomendations from me are

the thistle hotel in birmingham ,about a 15 min walk to the acadamy.

the grantly hotel shepherd bush london ,right opposite the empire ,also loads of takeaways handy for ya after gig munchies :(

both fairly priced imho ,worked out at 35 quid each for a twin room if my memorys correct.


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It'd be much easier if eGigs listed which actual venue bands play at in Manchester, rather than the whole "Academy 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Manchester University), Manchester".

The problem with that is that the tour information I get very often doesn't split it down into the specific one

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