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  1. 5co77ie

    Need some help from gig/festival goers

  2. 5co77ie

    Joe bonamassa nottingham

    oh really - can I ask why?
  3. liking their new album
  4. i feel the irrepressible need to leave a comment since we have that facility now:


  5. 5co77ie


    You can type in an area in the venue box.
  6. from click here so does this mean the most you can spend at the bar is £15? That means no more than, what, 2 drinks at London prices?
  7. 5co77ie

    FEED YOUR HEAD III - Saturday October 9

    I've got the soundtack to the original Feed Your Head III http://www.amazon.co.uk/Feed-Your-Head-Var...s/dp/B000024B1W
  8. Are they likely to appear at an ATP festival?
  9. what does she sound like? Are those pics from a review?
  10. 5co77ie

    Bands for 2010....

    So who do we reckon will be the next big thing next year then?
  11. 5co77ie

    Whats Gan On?!

    They're lurking.
  12. 5co77ie

    Festie Announcements

    It was 10 million - sorry button bounced!
  13. 5co77ie

    Festie Announcements

    Our only problem announcements seem to be Reading and Glasto and there were thousands of people on the forums alone without those reading the other pages. eFestivals has much more traffic this year, and despite the loads it never actually stopped working. the stats are in and efests had over 100 million hits yesterday!!
  14. 5co77ie

    Dream Machine and others

    Hello, Midnightly how are you?
  15. eGigs is offering our readers a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Australian band Eskimo Joe when they make a return to these shores for a four date tour of the UK. For more details, <a href=" http://www.egigs.co.uk/index.php?a=12796" target="_blank">click here</a>.