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  1. You can type in an area in the venue box.
  2. The problem with that is that the tour information I get very often doesn't split it down into the specific one
  3. The pictures and article are the copyright of egigs - please email gigs@egigs.co.uk with the details of what you are interested in publishing and where you'd like to publish it.
  4. centre where does this go - topic link post link [codebox]long_code_here = '; mummy
  5. I do really like the new look forums but there is loads of extra stuff: Quick Access Insert: Center Insert: Topic Link Insert: Post Link Insert: CODEBOX Insert: SPOILER Insert: Acronym And wrap in code tags - what does that mean? And toggle side panel? and specify open and close time?
  6. The poineer advert stops me being able to click the reviews links on the front page in firefox - does anyone else get this problem?
  7. right say i type in my home town in the venue search is there any way of having the results listed in the form of the date, then bands, then venue rather than the reuslts just being a list of venues and then i have to click into each one for the results.
  8. is there anyway to make is i typed in a city rtather than a place the results including the bands all together in date order in that location rather than providing a list of more venues i then have to click through to look at bands and cut and paste into word to get them all in date order for a locale.
  9. would be easier to find them tho - like efests
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