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  1. DanDeg

    got a suggestion?

    It'd be much easier if eGigs listed which actual venue bands play at in Manchester, rather than the whole "Academy 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Manchester University), Manchester".
  2. DanDeg


    Thanks. Dont wanna miss that one
  3. DanDeg

    Manchester academy 1 refurbishment

    Class news, the happy mondays are playing the Ritz 8th July
  4. DanDeg

    Manchester academy 1 refurbishment

    Its gonna hold 4000 people, have a balcony, and will be bigger than the Manchester Apollo. Will be interesting seeing all the Apollo bands playing at the Academy!
  5. DanDeg

    Manchester v Cancer

    Yuss I used the link scott gave me, I did my part
  6. DanDeg

    Manchester v Cancer

    Ian Brown Charlatans Hooky Echo an the Bunnymen Cant wait, gonna be a top night, anyone else going?
  7. DanDeg

    The View

    I could do that our I could write a poxy review for a website and get free tickets like that . And as a matter of fact I bought one off ebay lol, for 18 quid with postage. And theyr nothing like babyshambles, in the slightest, thats bollocks.
  8. DanDeg

    Bands for 2007

    Little Man Tate for world domination!
  9. DanDeg

    The View

    Anyone got a spare ticket for the NME rock n roll gig thing at Manchester, on the saturday? With the View? Ah well, worth a try
  10. DanDeg

    Biggest Band?

    Slipknot - 9 people. Seen Polyphonic spree aswell...and I met each and every one of them, what a weird bunch, there was no que at the NME signing tent at Leeds in 2003, I felt bad so I thought fuck it.
  11. DanDeg

    The View

    Wicked band!! Cant wait to see them...one day...glasto I bet
  12. DanDeg


    Terrible band.
  13. DanDeg

    top 10 emo bands

  14. DanDeg


    They were fanTASTIC at Preston the other day! Top gig.
  15. DanDeg

    Manc Academy's - please explain

    Well if you have been to the Academy 1, it is just next door. The venue is literally next door, you will see a student union with a set of steps, youll see the que anyway probably when you get there. If your getting the train to piccadilly you can practically get most buses from Piccadilly gardens bus station, predominantly the 42, 142, 143, 43, are the most common. Or you could walk from the station but it might take about 15-20 minutes.