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eGigs is not a ticket agency. We work with reputable major ticketing agents who sell their tickets at face value (plus standard fees).

eGigs provides direct links to particular gigs in order to make it easier for our users to find the tickets they want. We provide links to tickets available from Seetickets, Ticketmaster, and wegottickets.com.

Here is a detailed list of FAQ that should help you when buying tickets on the internet.

Tickets not arrived yet?

If you're worried that your tickets haven't turned up yet don't fret right away, most ticket agencies don't dispatch their tickets until a couple of weeks before the gig. This is one way ticket agencies can help prevent touting and ticket copying fraud.

What to do if you're unsure your order went through properly

If you buy online you should receive a confirmation email from the ticketing agency after you have completed the order. That email should contain a reference number. It is always a good idea to print this off and keep the details safe.

If you're not sure if the order went through successfully check to see if you have received a confirmation email from the company you booked with. If you haven't received any confirmation of your order check your bank statement. The order will probably appear on your statement under the name of the ticket agency.

How do I know when my tickets will be dispatched?

If you booked through See Tickets and have your order reference number you can keep track of your order through their ticket tracker. Just input your details to find out the status of your order.

What if I can't remember who I booked with?

If you can't remember who you purchased tickets with it is best to check your old emails as you should have received a confirmation email from the ticketing agent. If you're still unsure of who you booked with then we recommend contacting the ticket agencies directly (contact details below).

Finally, if you're still worried about the booking process or the location of your tickets then we suggest you contact the ticket agency directly as the gig may have been cancelled (to which you are entitled a refund) or the date may have been moved.

Contact details for all the ticket agencies that eGigs works with can be found here:

See Tickets

See tickets provide tickets to most major UK gigs and tours and also offer tickets for theatre productions and sporting events. The majority of tickets that eGigs list are supplied by See Tickets.(0871 230 0010)


Ticketmaster offers tickets for large and small-scale gigs, particularly in the north of England and Scotland. As well as gigs Ticketmaster provides tickets for performing arts events, theatre and sporting events. (0870 534 4444)


Ticketline offers tickets for popular tours and festivals. They also offer tickets for theatre, comedy and children events. (0871 424 4444)


Ticketswitch/Keith Prowse tickets (who were called Firstcall Tickets) mainly cover London events but also provide tickets to a global market for gigs, theme parks, shows and exhibitions. (0870 906 3860)


wegottickets.com provide tickets to the whole of the UK for a number of smaller venues and events.

published: 04/11/2015 09:20