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    Photography, festivals & lots of gigs. Go to a ridiculous amount of festivals its unhealthy, usually have rotting feet because of this addiction...
  1. Just because they have some memorable songs aren't bad live doesn't make every show great.
  2. Would it be possible to have a search box 'By Area' So you could put in the town you are in & all gigs coming up for that town / city will show up. Would seem to me to make more sense to search by area rather than venue as you won't know all the venues in an area if you are from out of town.
  3. 100 million hits?????? Thats incredible!!!!
  4. Saw 5 of those artists last year Think The Virgins will make huge strides this year King Blues havereally surprised me with the airplay they are currently getting, thought they where alright & different, but not commercial. White Lies are gonna be massive no doubt about that. As timespeedup mentioned Ladyhawke, saw her last year thought she was interesting & the album is ok, but I don't expect anything major to happen, to much like bananarama for me Looking forward to seeing Little Boots, Florence & the machine, missed those a few times...
  5. Stereophonics Hull Ice Arena a few weeks after sacking Stuart Cable, don't think the band where bothered at all, just appalling, no interaction with audience, poor quality sound, just woefull. Gary
  6. No particular order Athlete hull Adelphi 2003 Had already seen them numerous times before this, but the Adelphi is such a legendary venue, 2 living rooms knocked into one i kid you not.... Simple Minds Sheffield City hall 2003 Best set list I ever saw them play. U2 Wembley Stadium 1987 possibly the most perfect setlist they have ever done, never went to see them again, as it could not be surpassed Athlete Orange Tree bar Nottingham 2004ish 200 people in a small Nottingham pub. Pixies Sheffield Octagon 1989 Just classic, Debaser, Monkey Gone to Heaven etc..... Just outside Cult Milton Keynes bowl 1986 Prince Wembley Arena 1986 Prince Wembley Arena 1988 George Michael 1988 These are my favourite gigs, for performance, personal reasons or crowd intereaction not necesarily my favourite groups. Gary
  7. Hmm good thread made think for a whilst, ok here goes Pre 1991 Janes Addiction Sheffield Leadmill Dinosaur jr Leadmill Rapeman AKA Steve Albini Leeds Uni maassive student demos trying to get gig cancelled due to glorifying rape, well controversial!!! Pixies Sheffield Octagon Jesus & Mary Chain Sheffield Octagon The Cross Sheffield Poly Roger Taylor from Queen band project Bon Jovi Sheffield City hall can't remember whether this was £5 or £10 just before living on a prayer came out Then Jericho Sheffield Poly This century Athlete Hull Adelphi Athlete Nottingham Orange Tree Bar, had to buy the album to get 2 tickets, limited to just 200 Starsailor London ULU competition prize for exclusive gig Starsailor Hull Uni Simple Minds Royal albert Hall, bought 4 tickets of tout for 3rd row seats for a tenner Oscar & Simon from Ocean Colour Scene Silhouettes Hull Paid the door man a fiver each to let us in sold out gig Human League Grimsby Auditorium, went to hang around for meet & greet, just walked into the stalls Must be more but old brain playing hard to remember. Gary
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