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  1. i feel the irrepressible need to leave a comment since we have that facility now:


  2. Egigs has status updates...wow...2011 ey?

  3. I think White Lies r gonna be the biggest this yr out of all we've discussed. Since I alst posted, I have literally fallen in love with them! Also, Fleet Foxes. and why aren't The Maccabees huge yet?! - what's goin on?
  4. Really interesting list. I saw ladyhawke quite early last yr too - good but too much of a 'sameness' for me and nothing spectacular so i'd be shocked if they made it big this yr. The Virgins aren't anything new but i think they're one of the better ones in their genre at the moment n will get bigger this yr. Little Boots - NO WAY. I'm not even gonna pretend that I can understand why this is a viable choice for good music. It's like listening to a European nanny sing to u!!! I <3 Florence and The Machine and think they'e the one that shine most out of the list and will boom this year. I also personally like Red Light Company a lot though, (not that it's 2 everyones taste and I respect that), but I think they'll appeal to the masses too - they've got the commercial vibe going on and they produce decent, easy-to-listen-to music.
  5. you're best bet is to get of at Muswell Hill and go to pub/bar there. Apart from that, Ally Pally is in the middle of nowhere!
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