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    Booze, drugs, sex and rock n roll!! Yeah, baby!
  1. UKGig_Freak

    Club NME

    Kicking off this Thursday with live music from Pop Levi and The Shakes, and Jim Gellatly on the decks through to 3am... ideal tonic after the NME gig at the Academy I reckon! Free pass thing at www.myspace.com/clubnmeglasgow.
  2. I'll probably go to this if I get out of bed in time.
  3. Last time I saw Maximo Park live they were shit. WHy would i bother going to see them again? Art Brut are shit too.
  4. How come everyone whose in the best dressed category is also in the worse dressed category?
  5. I hate it when people put their buts in my face at gigs.
  6. They had Ed Harcourt playing the other day. Not too bad.
  7. Word Gets Around - quality Performance and cocktails - quality Just enough education to perform - crap grandad rock You gotta go there to come back - not bad, bit long in the tooth Sex, Language, Violence, Other - quality
  8. They do one bad album and everyone hates them. The last album was great.
  9. 3000 people - having a fag - scissor sisters gig - anyone see a politically incorrect joke here?? No? Just me then.
  10. I find it more amusing that you can say that when you have no idea whether or not I've seen Tina Turner live.
  11. When is the smoking ban? What are us smokers supposed to do. Smoking is all part of the gig culture - who goes to a gig and doesn't expect their clothes to stink of smoke. All this means is that there are gonna be really smokey toilets and the entrances to venues will be crowded.
  12. What are you on about? I've seen a few suspect people heading in and out of gig toilets. Think its supposed to be one of those 100 things to do before you die.
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