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  1. Li'l Rocker


    I dont know if theyre supporting on other dates, but The Answer are supporting in Manchester and they're really entertaining so if you get chance, dont miss them
  2. In no order Do Me Bad Things Hurricane Party Garbage The Glitterati The Black Velvets All fantasticness in music form
  3. The Glitterati, Black Velvets and Hurricane Party. Apparently, they each headline on different dates. 1st April, Sheffield - Leadmill 2nd April, Nottingham - Rock City 4th April, Liverpool - Academy 5th April, Leeds - Cockpit 6th April, Bristol - Fleece 7th April, Cardiff - Barfly 8th April, Northampton - Soundhouse 9th April, Oxford - Zodiac 11th April, York - Fibbers 12th April, Edinburgh - Studio 24 13th April, Aberdeen - Moshulu 14th April, Glasgow - Cathouse 15th April, Manchester - Hop and Grape 16th April, Stoke - Sugarmill 17th April, Birmingham - Academy 19th April, Brighton - Concorde 20th April, Southampton - Joiners 21st April, Coulchester - Arts Centre 22nd April, London - Garage
  4. i keep all mine. Only been to one gig where I didnt get it back, at the MEN, damn them!
  5. Just got back. FANTASTIC! Now im gonna go and collapse. night
  6. Li'l Rocker


    Oops, if id read this earlier i could have replied before the gig had been! Far as I know, Tokyo Dragons supported. Another reason I'm annoyed i couldnt see them
  7. excellent! Woo! I only have to wait 'til Thursday. Can't wait to see them again now
  8. Tour dates are on the official website...updated the other day...looks official "The following shows in Europe will go onsale through Motley.com next week, watch the site or your email for details. Packages, seat locations and prices will vary from the US tour. * 14-Jun-05 - Glasgow, UK - S.E.C.C. * 15-Jun-05 - Manchester, UK - Evening News Arena * 17-Jun-05 - Cardiff, UK - Cardiff International Arena * 18-Jun-05 - Birmingham, Uk - NEC Arena * 19-Jun-05 - London, UK - Wembley Ten"
  9. Saw them t'other night, I really liked the new songs! I think the time they've taken off from touring since summer has helped, as the songs were much better than the new ones they played at the festivals. Loved English Country Garden (possibly the next single?) and Grief Hammer (the new opener...damn i still miss Bareback though! and Best Of Me, at that). Both good, uptempo songs, with the other two new ones (can't remember their names) being more ballad-esque, but still great Brilliant show, anyway. Hadnt seen Do Me Bad Things before this, thought they were pretty good> i lost alot of my hearing after just two of their songs. only jsut got it back fully. One of the singers was such a Freddie Mercury wannabe though! (yes, i know, coming from a Darkness fan ) The crowd, as Spammachine said, didnt give Ash the reaction they deserved. Their set was great, but the crowd just didnt get going. Anyone else going- take suncream. especially if youre planning on being down the front. you'll need it
  10. I got an email saying this too bastards
  11. Same as me then. I saw them at Leeds, cant wait to see them at a small venue now! Enjoy The Manics, (of course will!) and next year, youll be able to see the Wildies again anyway!
  12. Li'l Rocker


    The Beatles have reformed and are touring??!!!
  13. Oh well, youll have a fab time at the manics anyway..least you're missing it due to seeing another great band, not for a bad reason. if that makes any sense
  14. New dates added. might interest you, Raven SO now they're playing: 03 December - Sunderland - Ku Klub 04 December - Wrexham - Central Station 05 December - Preston - The Mill 06 December - Belfast - Limelight 08 December - London - Astoria 09 December - Manchester - MDH 10 December - Glasgow - Garage 11 December - Sheffield - Leadmill 13 December - Cambridge - Junction 14 December - Bristol - Anson Rooms 15 December - Wolverhampton - Wulfrun Hall
  15. Errm i think it stood for Black Country Bandits, so they're a band from, would you belive it, the Black Country. they were good, although i would have loved to have seen Backyard Babies.
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