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    Non, seriously? I kinda liked their 'Berlin' phase, especially Zooropa. Still kinda glad they seem to be going back to basics on this new disc. It has the feel of 'Boy' on the little of it that I have heard. Have to say that they have always been in my '10 bands to absolutely see live' list. I'm hoping that I can scratch them off that list next year.
  2. salt


    Yeah - you're right, it is nice. Only went there for the first time last year. Bit of a bugger to find if you don;t know Sheffield though.
  3. salt


    or whatever. Newish Irish band that are soon to be releasing an EP and hopefully coming over to gig in the UK next year sometime. Kind of plinky-plonky with shades of lots of things from Death in Vegas, to Kraftwerk to Eno-ish ambient chucked in. Have been listeining to some of the MP3's on their site this afternoon and I would'nt mind hearing a bit more. Have a butchers: www.channelonesound.com Anyone else heard of them, or even better seen them?
  4. As in 'sold my soul to the devil' Robert Johnson? I've never really given much of his stuff a look in. For myself I can't decide. It depends on the type of music. My Top 10 in no particular order is; Jimi Hendrix Dave Gilmour Jeff Beck Ry Cooder Jimmy Page BB King Carlos Santana Robby Krieger Keith Richards The Edge
  5. I did a search on a Leeds Development website and there are no current plans for an arena as far as anyone know, certainly no approved plans.
  6. Personally my favourite is the 'Brudenhall Social Club' Last band I saw there was 'Explosions in the Sky' [who were ace ]. I love the fact that it is also a prober-bo working mans club that sells hot samoosas behind the bar, and serves yer booze in glass. The decor is a hoot as well. Second fave is the Cockpit.
  7. Spoilt by small venues - yes, I agree, but It was the bigger venue I was on about really. Why do bands do Sheffield or Manchester but miss out on Leeds? Answer: Becuase for most medium to big bands there is nowhere for them to perform. When's the last time Elland Road put on something? Or Roundhay Park? We need a permanent inside venue that is suitbale for a variety of purposes - not just music. Leeds is always harping on about how it's cutting edge, prosperous, growing etc etc - but a big event venue is a glaring omission.
  8. salt


    Excellent - I have consistently managed to miss the Bees at every opportunity so far this year. I will NOT miss them again. *scans down dates* Crikey - Leeds: April?!?!? I haven't even got a diary for next year yet.
  9. How about starting with a couple of 'catch-all' forums then see if you have to add more. egigs already has a lot of boards going on, adding a lot more may just splinter things too much. Why not call them; 'Plectrum-pickers - A forum for anything music related that doesn't fit into the other categories. If in doubt, please post here'. ' Bands & Artists -If you want to discuss bands or musicians, new albums, future releases, favorite songs or 'Top 10 guitarists of all time'... Please do it in here to keep the rest of the forums as focussed as possible'.
  10. How about a more general music forum for thing pertaining to music but not-neccessarily band specific, e.g. Industry news, music accessories [players, file formats...], gossip, chart stuff [is the new downloads chart a marketing excercise or is it more valid nowadays than hard copy music purchases?] - that kinda thing.
  11. Shell suits or Burberry and you'll do just fine. I've only seen them once so far and they stuck pretty close to the album but there was a high degree of 'banter' in-between.
  12. Well as any of you locals will know there are plenty of mid-sized and smaller venue for good music in Leeds; Cockpit, Leeds MET, Wardrobe, Joseph's Well, Brudenhall Social even the City Varieties but why oh why do we still not have a decent LARGER sized venue? If I want to go see a band of any larger popularity, why do I have to go to Sheffield or more frequently Manchester. If the new Xscape in Castelford worked out that there was a catchment audience of 7 million within 45 minutes travel, then surely the same reasoning goes for music events. Hel, I'd be happy sharing it with other events. The live music scene seems to be flourishing like a flower in Spring at the moment - and if Leeds wants to be taken seriously as an international centre then one of the things it is lacking is a venue that can cope with large scale events]. Discuss...
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