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    Music, going to gigs, spending time with my gf.
  1. chappiepunk

    Flogging Molly

    lol, Get out. haha.
  2. chappiepunk

    Flogging Molly

    Fuck Education. Gigs come first! :angry:
  3. chappiepunk


    No they were good, I just didnt get the feeling from the set they would be able to offer anyhting else different, I think once you have seen them you have seen them.
  4. chappiepunk

    Flogging Molly

    Irish Jiggery comes to a town near you. Cant wait! FLOGGING MOLLY Oxford Zodiac - Over 14's Oxford FRI 22/04/2005 20:00 FLOGGING MOLLY Manchester University Manchester SAT 23/04/2005 19:30 FLOGGING MOLLY Wedgewood Rooms Portsmouth SUN 24/04/2005 20:00 FLOGGING MOLLY Mean Fiddler London TUE 26/04/2005 19:00 FLOGGING MOLLY Lemon Grove Exeter WED 27/04/2005 19:30 FLOGGING MOLLY Carling Academy 2 Birmingham FRI 29/04/2005 19:00
  5. chappiepunk


    Saw them last time they played Brixton, wont bother going again tho....
  6. chappiepunk


    efestivals rules.
  7. chappiepunk

    Manic Street Preachers

    I missed out on tickets for hammersmith as I was at work. gash.
  8. chappiepunk

    Blink 182

    Blinks new album, out this year. apparently.
  9. chappiepunk

    Manic Street Preachers

    fuck yeah
  10. chappiepunk

    No Use For A Name

    london is great, nufan, rise against and lwrence arms ive heard are playing so far.
  11. chappiepunk


    yup ive heard this aswell, haven seen anyhting 'official' yet tho....
  12. chappiepunk

    The Used :D

    im seeing them tomorrow at brixton.
  13. chappiepunk

    Blink 182

    yeah my mate got stopped with his camera, they took it off of him and he had to collect it at the end. oh well.
  14. chappiepunk

    quite isnt it

    yes yes bruv.
  15. chappiepunk

    Strung Out

    Anyone know of anyhting about any UK Strung Out shows?! I need to see this band......