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  1. i'll be seeing them on the manchester date. had to pay ebay prices though, a mate really wanted to go.
  2. girlfrommars_


    they're also supporting brendan benson on his tour.
  3. saw them in manchester. was great. some more ywts would have been nice but oh well. insomnia and just a day were the highlights for me. the subways and cherryfalls supported. the subways were great. i had 2 tickets spare. had no choice but to sell them to touts for 50p each
  4. im not too keen on the apollo. the security are harsh. at ash last year someone near me got kicked out for literally no reason, they must have got him confused with someone else, there was at least 10 people telling the security he had done nothing but he still got kicked out.
  5. i like it. thought it was great for the first month or so, kind of lost the novelty around half term though. now its kind of.. meh-ish. cant really complain though
  6. manchester sold out crazy fast. crazyyy. i was lucky to bag 5 for the 4th
  7. anybody going to see hots turn up early and check out willy mason. top guy
  8. aaaaace i've been wanting to see idlewild for ages thanks for letting us knoww
  9. totally disagree. the vines arent great musically but i've seen them 3 times and had a grand ole time at every one. i think they are good fun. i think the white stripes are amazing live. 4 times and never been let down. i dont think they really got the crowd going at leeds this year (at least not where i was) as they maybe made a wrong decision playing loads from their first two albums, but i loved it and heard some of my favourites that i havent seen live before.
  10. i shall be at attendance at the friday manchester show tickets have come already aswell! i dont really listen to feeder that much any more but ive seen them twice, (one big weekend and V last year) and they were fab
  11. I shall be at the manchester date flying Ash's flag. literally (if i can be bothered)
  12. apparently they're touring in january i'm guessing arenas
  13. girlfrommars_


    i want to go for nostaglic purposes. its expensive for a show at the academy though. and its acoustic by the way
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