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  1. Bands need to get a bit more imaginative.....it's hardly original.
  2. I was shooting for Manchester Magazine YQ, but they won't run for a month or so. Hopefully my new website will be up & running soon, so will be on there.
  3. I had a photo pass for Maximo Park at Liverpool Uni last Friday night. It was the first time I've been there & it seems like a great venue - professional & friendly security, great lighting & room to chill out & get to the bar.
  4. Now that we're a third of the way through 2007 (already), it's interesting to read everyone's predictions again. Any updates or surprises so far?
  5. Gideon Conn is a quirky guy & I like him too. You see him at other Manchester gigs sometimes sketching bands as they play. He's kind've like a cross between Ben Kweller & Woody Allen.
  6. Depends on the band, but yeah, I agree. Most bands seem to play London etc on weekends. Can't be a coincidence.
  7. I'll be surprised to see it completed by September then if that's the case. Bet there will be delays.
  8. I saw Enter Shikari at a Virgin In-Store performance this week in Manchester & it was carnage! One bouncer suffered concussion & another got broken ribs. Am going to see them tonight at Manchester Academy 2 & can't wait to see how mad that gets.
  9. Here's the info on the refurbishment. Last gig there before it closes is a St Patricks day Concert (17/03). Academy 1 will be closing its doors for a major refurbishment which is set to re-open mid-September this year. It is a £2.5 million renovation with the complete project finishing in January 2008. There will be a full major refurbishment of bars, toilets, cloakrooms, first aid facilities and the front of house. This exciting new venue will also boast a larger stage and a much improved backstage area.There will be a purpose built disabled viewing area. It will be a pioneering environmentally friendly building which will harvest rainwater for the toilets and cleaning use, and the building will be heated by means of deep borehole heat conversion and solar panels. To enhance the Academy's presence on the Oxford Road there will be a new multi- coloured glazed tower entrance also internally providing a dynamic entrance foyer. We are looking forward to unveiling our fabulous venue in September.
  10. The venue is rumoured to be closing for major refurbishment some time during 2007 to increase capacity. I've heard some wild rumours about how long this is supposed to take & that all gigs meanwhile will be moved to the Apollo, but since that venue's so much bigger, that seems pretty unlikely. Anyone know anything concrete about their plans?
  11. Am going to their Virgin InStore show this afternoon (Manchester Arndale at 5.30). Should be interesting
  12. I saw the Winter Kids (Sco77ie's list) late last year. They were pretty damn good.
  13. Not being British, I've never understood why NME was so influential. It looks so tatty & seems so pretentious.
  14. 1. Flaming Lips 2. Disposable Heroes/Spearhead (Michael Franti is a god on Stage) 3. Wolfmother 4. The Polyphonic Spree 5. Blur
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