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  1. Nice work! Marketing BS at it's best. Am I the only one (apart from Duff) who doesn't get the appeal of this game.
  2. Both of the unis in Newcastle do.
  3. tommy

    Enter Shikari

    When I saw The Subways last year, the crowd were stupidly up for it. This was the wildest crowd I've seen in a good few years. It was quite funny to see all the local 'hard-cases' piling into the pit just before the band came on. They didn't last five minutes before they were pouring out in their droves. It was a weird pit, in that everyone who knew how that sort of thing works was fine, but those who just thought it was a free for all were really caught by surprise. The craziness of it, given the pretty placid nature of the band, did shock me a little, I must admit. It was damn good fun though.
  4. tommy


    I'm not sure there is such a thing as too mainstream to be honest - if a band is good, they are good, if they are shit, they are shit. Awards, press coverage and glamourous girlfriends don't change this (unless you are in oasis of course, where it changed everything.)
  5. tommy


    Depends where your personal opinions lie I guess. If you (the generic, not the personal) are all about being 'indier than thou' then Ash will come somewhere around Fightstar on your musical credibility radar, but if, like me, you are into the music above the pretension (sic?) then they stand out a country mile. I see one or two live bands every now and then, and Ash are consistently great, and always get the crowd going. I've seen much more 'credible' acts fail at this, and surely an ability to engage the crowd is requirement number one on the 'how to be a good band' checklist?
  6. I think it is always in the back of your mind that you have work / school / college / whatever the next day, so you can't really go for it as much as you might like. This wouldn't affect the atmosphere if it was only one or two people, but when it's the majority of a crowd, it can kill the atmosphere slightly I reckon.
  7. tommy


    Aww - be they too shiny for your punk ass? Seriously though, they are shiny, and they are pop, but they are so damn good at it.
  8. tommy

    Enter Shikari

    Are they any good? Does the demo sound any good? It may be that the studio is shit, is all I'm thinking.
  9. tommy

    Enter Shikari

    Erm, can I be the first to ask what the fuss is all about? Dance-metal? FFS I can't think of anything I'd rather hear less of, apart from a vocal harmony group made up totally of Geri Halliwell clones.
  10. tommy


    The thing with Ash is that as a live unit they have always been superb. Anyone going to this tour is guaranteed a good night.
  11. The Cooper's new album is awful. It has none of the punch of 'See...', none of the quiet menace of 'Kick Up The Fire...', it's just dull. I've given it a couple of weeks to settle, and listened to it a good few times, hoping it is a grower, but to no avail. Poor effort lads, disapointed.
  12. The standard of the proof reading is awful to be honest. And it has, somehow, managed to go downhill quite severely, which I never thought was possible.
  13. Yes. All three shows were a fiver each. Bargain or what?
  14. Maximo Park, for a fiver, last Friday... http://www.egigs.co.uk/index.php?a=11482
  15. Three words: People Of Santiago
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