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  1. Aoparently the Ritz is now going to handle all of academy 1's future gigs. wank.
  2. I cant stand this band. I really, really can't.
  3. I thought i'd start a little 2007 topic. Any tours that anyone's really looking forward to? Anyone seen some good bands this year that look promising for 2007? I want some new music for a new year.
  4. I smoke, but only if i'm standing at the bar. I have been burned many a time by people lighting up in the pit.
  5. What is everyones problem with emo? Emo to me has delivered some of the most talented and dedicated bands around. Ie : brandnew, Thursday, Funeral for a friend, bright eyes. Emo has been dragged down by all the 15 yr olds who conform to big fringes, star tats and all the other labels that are associated with them. Even though i wouldn't call them emo, and more so scene fashionistas, spurred on by myspace and other such vanity websites. there are people like me who don't dress like that but still enjoy a good emo gig, but it seems you cant win either way with this one
  6. I saw The Killers for a mere £10. To me, that's cheap. Helpshecantswim for a fiver too. That was pretty damn good.
  7. Do it! They're playing quite a small venue in manchester which surprised me, ah i can't wait.
  8. Is anyone else going to the MATES OF STATE tour? They've been domianting my cd player for a while now, i do indeed like them a lot. They are playing the Roadhouse in Manchester, such a small venue, it should be immense. Haven't been this excited about a band for a while now!
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