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  1. Leeds has this amazing local gig scene, its just bursting at the seams at the moment, but there is no big venue which means that all the massive bands miss us out!!! untill they build that place near the calls area thingy armouries area that is!
  2. My aunty used to work in the same office as one of them, she always used to go on aobut a band called parva and then it clicked well mad, she now thinks she is all cool, which she is not
  3. Why dont they come to leeds? cos then it would be within a (7) mile of home...... ill get my coat
  4. Anybody knows if he has any albums out in the uk?
  5. appalling, lots of background type noise, saw ordinary boys and kaiser chiefs there
  6. manchesters music scene has died, try the leeds scene its banging at the mo (kaiser chiefs, 10,000 things, the music)
  7. 10000 things are ace, i know the riley brothers sister, she used to go on and on and on about them years ago and now they are famous(ish)
  8. Erm Weezer considering they kicked it all off check out this link if ya dont belive me
  9. Saw them last nite, left half way thru cos i was a bit bored (and tired) (i got the tickets from a mate who got them for free, she was interviewing the bands) but the kaiser chiefs were really good
  10. lol and the singer is tiny, its amazing cos his voice is so powerful!
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    Freaky hanson story
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    "Like such major bands as the Eagles and Pearl Jam, by releasing Underneath independently, Hanson is reaching out directly to its fan base, one more sign this is the way things are going to be in this brave new record business world. The music biz has undergone revolutionary change every decade with Elvis in the ’50s, the Beatles in ’60s, FM radio, punk and disco in the ’70s, CDs and MTV in the ’80s and the Nirvana-led Seattle rock revival and Rap in the ’90s, and this new decade when artists like Hanson seek independence in the creative process and business of their music. “That’s really the message of this album,” explains Taylor. “It’s time to turn the ship toward the artist and their audience. It’s about the girl who goes onto a website to hear a song, or the businessman who goes into a store to buy a record. They have the same love for music. And that’s all that matters.” I think thats ace, talk about association.
  13. i think they are cool but they won the Kerrang! best brtitish newcomer yet they always say they are only ok live, which is odd, going to see them again on sunday for free
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