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  1. Itunes have a really good list of up and coming bands - 75 in total, its worth checking out, some good names in there. personally i tip the claxons, mika and good shoes.
  2. My friend bought these for a present for her boyfriend but they can't make it from Canterbury any more. All she wants for them is face value or as near to that as possible, which is £24 each.
  3. I REALLY wanna go see Ben Folds in Manchester, but its a bit of a trek for me from Leeds to go on my own and the Manc-based boyf doesnt fancy it, so I was wondering whether I could tag along with anyone whose planning to go?
  4. yeah I love this band, they seem so 'together' and coherent in their song writing, considering they've been together for so little time. Can't wait for their album either. Definately one of the hottest bands around at the moment.
  5. anyone know whose supporting the strokes on their up and coming uk tour? cant find anything on their website. hmm. am seeing them in nottingham, should be good.
  6. the gig was fanastic - he played right in front of us for a whole song, and told my mate her t shirt was cool www.letskilltheothers.co.uk
  7. anyone going to their tour thats coming up? Im going to see them for my mates bday at the charlotte in leicester.
  8. i might go leicester, methinks, depends tho.
  9. I saw them at coventry collosseum when i was workin for traffic, they were quite good, I did some merchin' for them, v impressed. a single of theirs is on some free nme cd me thinks. Highly recommended for 2005 if u ask me.
  10. !!! are officially pronounced chk chk chk say the metro and the nme. so its c for them.
  11. Emo's not really my thing. I hate to sound waspish or mean but it seems a bit all the same to me *runs* and its not got much depth or intellect or art to it. Saying that tho, when i'm a bit indied out i like a bit o taking back sunday, and i went to see hifh. I also like lost prophets and ffaf (which isn't very "cool" i know but like i give a fuck!) and my mates really love it so i suppose i'm getting into it a bit. Plus emo boys are really cute, and come the closest to the sort of music i like. mind u theyre only cute when theyre not crying about their ex gf or wetting their beds. Brand new are pretty good to listen to. I'm also gonna get sohuted at here - but i try not to like it cuz its so cool to now, i still like to be different.
  12. yeah so the collys on page 5 of the nme from when babyshambles played and the barriers buckled and the show had to be stopped and a bunch of people got hurt. wud have loved the chance to see pete before he tops himself ( c'mon, its gonna happen soon) but me and my mate foolishy decided not to get tickets because we thought in his drugged up state he probably wuddnt turn up anyway. so we missed out on saying "we were there!!!" dammit. anyone go? was it a good show? did ye get any injuries??
  13. Yeah NBA are wicked, went to see them at the collosseumin coventry (hottest venue of the moment, see us on page 6 of the NME!), i officially "worked" for them doing promo, met them n stuff,memorable convo went mate:"hi there, would you like so sign the nine black alps mailing list??" man:"I'm the drummer" ( it was probably funnier at the time) oh and that single u paid 99p for was on the nme cd, i think. cant be sure tho. theyre from manchester aparanlty. u been on the website? i think its nineblackalps.co.uk or .tv or something. its crap. but yeah, the band are pretty wicked.
  14. yup i'm goin too, for freeeeeeee! apparantly tokyo dragons are supportin, I'm going courtesy of traffic, the promo people so hopefully i get to meet the bands! Are you going to see the others in leicester? I AM!
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