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  1. Alright Scot, do you still go on here or efests?

  2. If they're down, I'd say there's too many gigs and the markets becoming saturated.
  3. Anyone got to this last year? If so, was it any good and how much were the tickets???
  4. I'm going. Charlatans and Ian Brown, quality.
  5. Bollocks, narrow minded view that. Have you heard their album?
  6. Its out January, 21st i think
  7. Redmeister

    The View

    Saw these for the second time in Manchester last night. It was fucking quality. Can't wait for the album. I like their style, bit of rock n roll attitude. :angry:
  8. Anyone seen the Singles tour then?
  9. I'm watching the View in the Manc academy 2, where the hell is it????
  10. I've not got tickets for the winter tour They're not playing in Manchester, I'd go to the Blackpool gig but its on derby day lol
  11. I used to keep them, but it started getting silly. I mean, what is the point really? I've got enough clutter in my room as it is!
  12. Anyone got any links to the new tracks leaked on the net?
  13. I think you'll find there's a B in Brown.
  14. He'll play Thetford Forest on Saturday 16th July and Delamere Forest, near Northwich in Cheshire on Saturday 23rd July. Tickets go on sale at 9am this Friday and are £22.00. Quality!!!
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