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  1. it's in the students union. I went to Academy 3 for the first time a few months back. Really small which was nice although I think the union was being redecorated so the whole venue smelt like paint which kinda ruined the gig and made me feel pretty sick
  2. The Plug is a pretty good venue. I saw Four tet last year there and there was loads of space to sit down and I had a pretty good view even though I was at the back
  3. last a few hours by not having a cigarette? But I don't know how long people can last without having one. I don't like people smoking at gigs especially when its hot and you need some air but all you can breathe in is smoke
  4. So so true I just wish other people would realise this instead of grouping emo music with this and then maybe they'd stop being so judgemental and give things a listen. Like it's already been said Bright eyes and the promise ring are too really great bands and people are missing out on what I think is great music. Also I have never listen to a song by an 'emo' band and wanted to slit my wrists...
  5. I went to see them in Manchester too. thought they were really great, tight live. Shame it was so hot inside the venue, ruined it a little bit for me. Didnt like the support at all though
  6. They are playing at Manchester apollo on 8th July and Sheffield Leadmill on 20th May I just ordered my ticket for Manchester yay!
  7. they are touring with The Faint in Late June. I hope my A levels are out of the way! Last one on 22nd June I have my fingers crossed!
  8. Saw them last night and thought they were really good. Considering I have heard before that its a bit hit and miss as to whether conor is good or not. But yeah really good night
  9. I saw them supporting the Killers. Thought they were pretty good and they even managed to keep me entertained even when I just wanted to see the Killers. Soo they must have been good :angry:
  10. ok cheers anyway I guess I'll see in a few weeks :angry:
  11. anyone that has seen them before what should I expect. Will Conor have a band with him?
  12. me too for the sake of you I couldn't really think of anyone who sounded bad live but I was disappointed at Modest Mouse at Leeds 2004. They came on really late and ended playing very few songs I'd been looking forward to them for ages
  13. Found out today one of my mates is going to the Manchester date... makes me wanna go
  14. I thought it was about you, well you're the only Dan i could think off that i knew would be there could have asked for Boy Crazy tho! and Al you forgot.. meeting me - ace!
  15. just seen them and I personally thought they were great! Nice mix of songs from different albums and was a great night all round. I'll probably see them again when they come back..
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