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    playing guitar, favorite music includes:<br />radiohead, cooper temple clause, foo fighters, ikara colt, hell is for heroes, serafin, a perfect circle, smashing pumpkins, my chemical romance, green day, incubus, aphex twin, squarepusher, portishead, the propellarheads, chemical brothers, eighties matchbox b-line disaster, deftones<br />favortie movies: shawshank redemption, donnie darko, american beauty, dazed and confused, friday the 13th series and the halloween series.
  1. got my tickets for brighton today
  2. a uk tour and fesivals seem very likely. Looking forward to seeing them for the 3rd time.
  3. saw them supporting cooper temple clause a year ago at the norwich UEA. me and my friend both thought they were quite good, but didnt think they would get as big as they are now!
  4. i had a ticket for the saturday at brixton and didnt get to go......yay me....
  5. An early christmas present for everybody
  6. this near to the gig you'll be lucky to get face value try www.scarletmist.com to sell them for fae value to somebody.
  7. i may not be able to go now, some asshole swiped the last hundred quid i had in my bank account. so now i have no money to get to the gig, and to get there its gonna cost me about 60. Gonna have to pull every string
  8. havent seen them live yet, and quite looking forward to the day i finally do
  9. got my ticket last night for the 18th december. I was drunk at the time and i cant remember if this is the same date at brixton as the one my friends have tickets for
  10. yep yep, great band modern way of letting go would be so cool to hear live!
  11. excellent stuff! no idea what i'm gonna do about getting back afterwards tho, might have to get a taxi from brixton to london victoria, god knows how much that will cost me! and even then there's no trains till 6am the next day
  12. havent heard of any of them, are these the same for the late show? has anyone been to a late show before? do they just stick more supports on or do you get a really long set of the headline band? or do they just do a dj set for the last couple of hours of the gig. I dont want to build my hopes up that i'm gonna get 3 + hrs of prodigy when i prob wont!
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