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  1. LostRiot


    haha, yeah the boardwalk took me ages to find the first time. Fusion, the universities other gig venue is far better than the octagon imo, I think it always feels a little like a school hall, and even when its sold out, its never crowded. Leadmill is the best venue in sheff, mainly because wherever you stand you're guaranteed to feel you're at the front. Also, just generally pulls a good crowd. (plug is good too, but the stage is a little too narrow for my liking)
  2. LostRiot

    New Carling Academy Venues

    not a good thing imo, while I don't think venues in Sheffield will suffer too much, I really don't think the city needs it, I'm hoping that it draws more artists to the city (although any moderate sized tour comes to Sheffield now a days), rather than takes them from other clubs.
  3. LostRiot

    PENDULUM, 14 and over = no booze?

    it probably means they've realised that a lot of kids like pendulum, so they've lowered the age you need to be to get in. I don't know how old you are, but I've you've been ID'd in the last year I'd take ID to the gig, chances are you'll need it as they'll be expecting under 18's so might be a bit over zealous.