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    Music. Festivals. <br />Family. Friends. <br />Football. Tottenham Hotspur F.C. COME ON YOU SPURS! <br />London. England. Ireland. Gaelic. Celtic. <br />Food. Cooking.<br />Drinking. Ooh and did I mention CIDER! <br />Camping.<br />See u at Glasto peeps!
  1. LOL! That's the only way, to keep the festy blues away! BTW what's happened with the Smiley icons? Edit: Smiley icons back now. They weren't showing a moment ago when I read this thread. The faces were showing as text instead.
  2. That'll be a blue one then. I too would be interested in an "e-Gigs" t-shirt if & when available. In the mean-time I'll continue to wear my existing eFests ones.
  3. Secret gig next Tuesday in London. Anyone else planning to go? This will be a launch for the new album 'Letters From The Underground' and they will be playing new tracks as well as old favourites. Only £12 plus booking fee but get in quick! And includes entrance to aftershow party 11pm to 1am I just got my tix. www.gigantic.com or Tel: 0115-959-7908
  4. Howdy Prince, I have only just registered on E-Gigs so reading your posting AFTER the Event. Did you go to the gig and how did you get on? I am Very familiar with Shepherds Bush Empire & have myself been there on the top levels. My first gig there was around 9 to 10 years ago when I saw Space and was so high up I had a touch of vertigo! Although I was so high up I was able to get a good view of the band. Since then I prefer to go for the unlimited standing tickets downstairs when ever I go to a gig there now! Let me know more about your experience up in the clouds at Shepherds Bush
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