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  1. Now all the tickets for Glasto have gone, the line up imminent and it being a Friday I just wondered how you lot will be getting in the mood for the long wait til the end of June? Myself and Sally are off to the Met Lounge in Peterborough to see the mighty BlackBud. I'll let you know if they're as good as they were a Glasto 04
  2. DeeDubya


    Not orginally but yes until the end of the year
  3. DeeDubya


    I'd LOVE to see U2 live. Having a huge fan base doesnt mean that a band is bad.
  4. DeeDubya


    Personally I think MmmBop is a perfectly crafted little pop song. There's always a place for pop and it's better than most of the pop crap peddled out today.
  5. OK, let NOT be cliched! Ezio and Booga!
  6. DeeDubya


    Blackbud were stunning at Glastonbury. Scarey to think how young they are and wipe the floor live with many established acts.
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    Not the best of their gigs Ive been to but they are still head and shoulders above so many bands that have "made it", especially live. The Platform is a tiny venue and makes it very intimate, especially as the guys were wondering around the pub before and after the performance. They also showcased a couple of new songs. Both great (I love the storytelling nature of their songs), one about how they're not going to change "into David Gray" just for the record companies. Highlight was his banter with a 16 year old girl at the front who was texting on her mobile and he made up a song on the spot taking the mick. The friends we went with are now Ezio converts (and even bought a CD afterwards) despite being avid techno fans!!! Keep an eye out for them as they are touring all over the place: Thu 30 Sept 2004 Derby Flowerpot Fri 15 Oct 2004 Netherseal, Swadlincote, Derbyshire The Pokey Hole Tue 19 Oct 2004 Bristol Fleece & Firkin Thu 20 Oct 2004 Swansea The Chattery Thu 4 Nov 2004 Sheffield The Boardwalk Sat 6th Nov 2004 Sligo The Garavogue Tel: 00 353 71 914 0100 Sun 7th Nov 2004 Galway Roisin Dubh Tel: 00 353 91 586 540 Mon 8th Nov 2004 Dublin Whelans Tel: 00 353 1 478 0766 Wed 10th Nov 2004 Kilkenny Cleere's 00 353 56 7762573 Thurs 11th Nov 2004 Clonakilty DeBarras Tel: 00 353 23 33381 Fri 12th Nov 2004 Cork The Lobby Tel: 00 353 21 431 1113 Wed Nov 17 Stratford upon Avon Cox's Yard Wed 24 Nov 2004 Nottingham Cabaret Sat 4 Dec 2004 Manchester The Academy Sun 5 Dec 2004 Cambridge The Junction Wed 8 Dec 2004 Bournemouth Mr Kipps Wed 15 Dec 2004 Leicester
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    from their own site and it sums it up well: They play accoustic guitar like you've never seen and sing songs that move and excite in equal measure.
  9. scottie, go dressed as you normally do, you'll fit in fine
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    22-20's great live, saw at Glasto in 03 and supporting Supergrass this year at Southampton Guildhall (terrible sound but still rocked). Recommended
  11. Im moving to Peterborough in December, where are the places to go? Come on people, tell me where to go!
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    Anyone going? Great band, seen em 4 or 5 times. Well worth checking out
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