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  1. Deerhunter London show confirmed

    saw them at koko last year. def worth seeing live, but i prefered health supporting.
  2. Beardyman interview

    thats all. go read it if you havent
  3. Hello

    heya! been on here a while, but been off from here for a while at the same time..
  4. The Mars Volta in London

    Going to see if i can afford this. Saw them at somerset house, quality live
  5. efests

    yeah, i was expecting more people in here too... Dont know what to do with me sunday evening now...
  6. Festie Announcements

    thats still pretty amazing!
  7. Festie Announcements

    Does the efests site usually die so badly around announcements?

    theres a london based ticket office www.stargreen.com that I have used for a couple of gigs in london. It charges a couple of quid over face value, but works out pretty good. Other than that keep an eye on www.scarletmsit.com
  9. This year's hot acts....

    spinnerette the aussie mgmt
  10. Biggest live disappointments?

    The klaxons - urggh, i've never been so underwhelmed at a gig before. koko has a rubbish live soundsystem (imo), but they just sounded out of time / tune through most of their set.
  11. top 5 live acts you've seen

    5 that jump into my head in no particular order: Rage against the machine Massive Attack The Strokes Of Montreal The Rapture a couple of others would be QOTSA (were totally insane just after they released rated r), Zero 7 and Bloc party
  12. The top 25 indie acts for 2008

    Well for half way through 2008 the list isnt going too well... Foals, Vampire Weekend, Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong, Santogold, Adele, Pendulum (how in any way indie?) and Black Kids seem to have done the best out of this year though. Still never heard of a couple of them I guess there was no way of knowing the boom of glasvegas and MGMT back in feb