Bowling For Soup

Warwick University, Coventry on Monday 27 October 2003

photos of this show
Jaret and crew otherwise known as Bowling for Soup came to Warwick to demonstrate that they are the best punk rockers currently on the scene.

During the opening track ‘Suckerpunch’ it was easy to see that Jaret wasn`t quite the energetic bombshell that he usually is, he looked like he had caught a cold or was on the verge of coming down with some type of illness. Either that or he was suffering with tour fatigue- not many bands would attempt to do 13 gigs in fourteen nights. Despite this Bowling for Soup still put 110 percent into their performance, these on a bad day are better than most groups on a good day.

Bowling For Soup

The audience which mainly consisted of students, didn’t seem to mind that Jaret was not quite his usual self, in fact from the moment Bowling for Soup walked onto the stage, the audience were rocking and singing along to the light hearted melodic punk tracks that have now become Bowling for Soups trademark.

Bowling For Soup

Unfortunately the lights shorted after about three songs and this left the band members in complete darkness. However their instruments and P.A. system remained functional and so like true heroes they decided to continue on without any lights. The lights didn’t get sorted until right near the end of the set by which point it was too late.

All the crowd favourites were played including ‘Emily’ and ‘Punk Rock 101’, but the highlight of the evening came when they did a medley, which included ‘Rock your Body’ by Justin Timberlake and ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem.

Bowling For Soup

As always Bowling for Soup put on a brilliant show, which was packed full of high- octane light hearted punk rock. Move over Green Day, and make way for the new kings of punk rock- Bowling For Soup.

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article by: Luke Seagrave

photos by: Luke Seagrave

published: 11/11/2003 13:26