KT Tunstall, Nina Nesbitt

Warwick Arts Centre on Saturday 27 May 2017

The Warwick Arts Centre is a superb venue and I’ve only ever been there once before, so for ‘KT Tunstall’ to be there tonight was quite exciting.

We left in plenty of time to get to the show especially as we wanted to see ’Nina Nesbitt’, she came on to do a 30min set and she was extraordinary, a voice like an angelic angel, just her and her guitar or Keyboard.


I was pleasantly surprised, especially after hearing good things about her.

Both my wife and I have been long time admirers of KT Tunstall for over ten years, even going to see her at HMV in London for her album launch and signing (Latest album ‘KIN’). We tried to work out how many times we’ve seen KT and it’s over ten at least.

KT Tunstall in my opinion is so underrated it’s untrue. I guess she’s the female version of Ed Sheeran, using loop pedals and drum machines, providing her own band electronically. She is one awesome musician and funny too.


Tonight it was just KT at her best, two hours of unadulterated music, just her and all her gadgets and guitars. We both loved every single minute of the show, there were funny parts where her gadgets broke down and she cussed them and even when her guitar was playing a mysterious trombone sound it never put her off. She’s such a trooper and so amazing at adlib.

The set was peppered with hits new and old from her five studio albums, highlighting new offering ‘Kin’. KT’s new material is Tunstall back at her best and we both love it, it’s all punchy and kick ass, although it was fabulous hearing all the old classic KT Tunstall tunes and reminded me of when I met my wife ten years ago.

20 amazing tunes over two hours and it was frigging awesome, this women is so talented. Favourites for me on the night were her rendition of ‘Black Horse and the Cherry Tree/Seven Nation Army’, everyone was on their feet for this and a couple of the oldies ‘Other Side of the World’ and ‘Heal Over’ where she was accompanied by Nina Nesbitt on vocals, both these songs have special meaning for me as I used to do a 350 mile round trip to see my wife at weekends, so these songs were my soundtrack in the car where I used to cry after leaving her, but knew I’d be back again.


Tonight showed just how talented Tunstall is and why so many people love her. We are both glad she’s back to her best, the move to sunny California looks to have worked and breathed a refreshing breath of fresh air into KT’s newer material.

If you haven’t seen Tunstall yet, shame on you, make sure you catch her at a few UK Festivals this year and do yourself a favour buy ‘Kin’.

Lastly, can I thank the amazing staff at Warwick Arts Centre, the whole customer experience was amazing and if it wasn’t for their press office I would’ve missed this show 

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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

photos by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 01/06/2017 09:58