London Grammar

Town Hall, Birmingham on Tuesday 4 April 2017

The second of three sell out shows at the Town Hall tonight. ‘London Grammar’ kicked the intimate tour off in Oran Mor on Monday night, following it up with tonight’s performance at the Town Hall, then a journey down to the big smoke to the Round Chapel in London.

The shows sold out in minutes and were the result of a ticket ballot, so to get in to tonight’s performance was a feat in its self. These dates follow up a few recent shows from over the pond in the US, including LA’s ‘Hollywood Cemetery’ and New York’s ‘Good Room’.


The new album ‘Truth is a Beautiful Thing’ isn’t out until the 9th June, but the band have released a few snippets of new material including their current single ‘Big Picture’, which was produced by acclaimed British Musician ‘Jon Hopkins’ (Brian Eno, King Creosote).

Tonight’s venue is probably one of the most underrated venues in the UK, the architecture and the wonderful back drop of the organ, as well as the amazing acoustics and the friendly staff add to an amazing night.


The band grace the stage in pitch black with the odd flicker of a light, the first few songs felt quite eerie, the vocals were astounding and to think all that noise (in a nice way) comes from three people is absolutely dumbfounding.

Having never seen London Grammar before I sat for most of the show with my mouth wide open in absolute amazement of how bloody good this band are. The vocal gymnastics and power with each song took my breath away. The band are so talented it’s untrue.

Standing punters downstairs and a packed seated area upstairs, the lighting and the music combined for such an amazing evening, I was totally blown away.


A 13 song set, including mainly songs from London Grammars previous album ‘If You Wait’, but a few lovely gems neatly placed in to the set from the long awaited second album. New single ‘Big Picture’ was eerily epic, ‘Hell to Liars’, ‘Wild Eyed’ and title track ‘Truth is a Beautiful Thing’ which I absolutely loved, they certainly whetted the appetites of the paying public.

As far as London grammar were concerned last night it was business as usual and if you take their new songs into consideration the new album is gonna be well worth the wait, personally I’m waiting with baited breath and can’t wait to get a copy in my sweaty little mitts.


The set was over in a jiffy, too short for my liking, but it was all about the music and not the chit-chat, and that spoke for itself. No wonder the tickets sold out in such a short time.

London grammar should be one of those bands on your bucket list that need seeing and crossing off. Do yourself a favour and watch out for their new album.


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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 06/04/2017 11:21

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