Marti Pellow

Town Hall, Birmingham on Sunday 26 March 2017

I have always been an admirer of Mr Pellow’s, but never got round to seeing him or Wet, Wet, Wet live, even in their heyday.

Tonight was gonna be a new experience for me, my fifty-something friend was tagging along as she adores Marti Pellow. First thing I did was check she hadn’t put any knickers or bras in her bag to throw at him.


Pellow is renowned for being the front man of Wet, Wet, Wet, his career has spanned a few decades, harping back to the dizzy days of ’82 with the Wet’s and having various stints in the West End with various shows, even turning his hand to Panto.

Tonight Pellow was at the Town Hall in Birmingham (A lush venue), a show under his own steam to showcase his new offering ‘Mysterious’ as part of his ten date UK tour.

Recorded in LA.. Pellow collaborated with the legendary Tower of Power horn section. “I’m coming out with my full band and horns for the first time in more than a decade – and I can’t wait.”


I did notice a high percentage of the audience were fifty somethings, its not often these days I go to gigs and feel a bit younger than a majority of the audience, even it if it is only by a few years.

As soon as the first few beats of ‘Mysterious’ echoed around the wondrous venue, row after row jumped to their feet and started clapping and screaming. Pellow lapped it up, playing to audience and getting closer and closer to the stages end to get nearer to the audience. Leaning over the speakers, and practically in touching distance of the front row, he smiled that wonderful smile and it sent the audience wild. Forever playing to the audiences screams and ‘We love you Marti’, he lapped it up like the cat had got the cream.

‘Sweet Little Mystery’ was kinda strange, a totally different arrangement I couldn’t get used to it, his vocals were still strong throughout the tune and his hip swaying and cheeky grin went down well.


Backed by an amazing band, a brass section, two backing singers and a four piece band, Pellow reveled in it to his heart’s content, dressed in tight black jeans and a black jacket with the sparkliest collar I’ve ever seen, he still looked hot even at his tender age. He showed tonight he still has it and every fifty something women agreed with me on the night.

He recollected on the night that he always has an amazing time in Birmingham every time he comes here, frequenting the German market when he played in Panto and playing almost every live venue Birmingham has to offer in one guise or another.

A few tracks from his new album including ‘Sound of my Breaking Heart’, quite a few tunes had a Latin feel, reminded me of when I was in Cuba, I just needed a Mojito and I would’ve felt right at home.


My friend who had tagged along for the evening was absolutely agog and just kept going on about his smile and how he still had it at his age. I liked the part where he thanked all his fans for staying with him throughout his career, fans always appreciate stuff like this and it isn’t said enough.

The merchandise for the tour which was on sale was actually the best priced merch I’ve ever seen, £20 for a signed programme and £5 for a signed photo, amazing value indeed and I must give Pellow a big pat on the back for not taking advantage of his fans like so many bands/artists do with merchandise. Very commendable indeed.

Tonight was a step back in time for me, I was 14 when the Wets came out, and to finally see Pellow was a cross off my bucket list, My friend was ecstatic and walking back to the car park she was a Cheshire cat, Pellow had made one or more women’s days, weekends even. A nice guy on stage and off and so genuine it seems.

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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

photos by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 28/03/2017 11:43

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