Pizza Express Jazz Club, Birmingham on Saturday 4 March 2017

Having individually performed on the world’s largest stages alongside the world’s biggest artists, the vocal powerhouse that is LaSharVu comprises of three of the most highly respected vocalists; LaDonna Harley Peters, Sharlene Hector and Vula Malinga. All vocalists in their own right, backing the likes of Basement Jaxx, Sam Sparro, Natasha Bedingfield, Sam Smith, Mary J. Blige and Boy George.

Friends for years, singing in a Gospel choir together and with a cult following the trio sold out their first ever London show at Pizza Express Jazz Club in under 6 hours.

I was quite excited about tonight as I’ve been a fan of Basement Jaxx since the very early days so I had previously heard of the two brilliant singers Sharlene and Vula. Tonight was going to be interesting as there would be the addition of LaDonna and I was interested to see how they gelled on stage.

The venue was a tiny room with all the tables and chairs laid out so you could enjoy your meal, we were sat at the back with an amazing view over the top of everyone’s heads, with an amazing landscape of the stage and the band. With a family setting, very laid back with a subdued vibe, I was waiting with baited breath.

The set tonight was acoustic and showcased the colossal talents of all three girls, we were treated to mainly covers from Brandi (‘Friends’), Janet Jackson (Vula’s favourite artist), Coldplay (‘Magic’) which made me totally speechless and sent shivers all up my spine with how amazing it was. One of the gems of the set was Lauper’s ‘Time after Time’ which again was spine tingling good, I had goose pimples on the back of my neck, the harmonies were just breathless, and their tone was velvety smooth, you could hear a pin drop throughout the set and after each number the girls got rousing applause and cheers.

A few numbers were thrown in for good measure including a gospel number ‘Imagine Me’ and an original from Hectors EP ‘Expressions’, ‘You Don’t Have to Tell Me’, both incredibly good.

Lots of banter between songs, even Brummie impressions, the girls explained they wanted to release an album of original material, not covers, so they had raised a project on Pledge Music to raise the necessary funds, they were £800 pound short of their target and asked audience members to pledge and detailed all the lovely goodies you could win for pledging, ( these include Vula doing a DJ set at a House Party (£350), Sharlene Hector Make Over, Signed CD & Handwritten Lyrics (£50), Personalised Ringtone (£100);

The whole show was absolutely stonking, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. These girls are one’s to watch out for, me for one, will be looking forward to their debut album with baited breath and any other live gigs.

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article by: Michelle Owen-Williams

photos by: Michelle Owen-Williams

published: 08/03/2017 12:36