Heavens Basement / Glamour Of The Kill / The Dirty Youth

Waterfront, Norwich on Thursday 13 March 2014

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They say that good things come to those that wait. Well, after countless shows, numerous line-up changes and even a change of name, good things are finally happening for UK rockers Heaven's Basement.

Debut album 'Filthy Empire' was released in February last year to critical acclaim. A mostly sold out UK tour followed in July before the band headed across Europe, America and most recently Australia to further their reputation. Now the four-piece are back on home turf for the aptly titled 'Welcome Home Tour'. Along for the ride are Glamour Of The Kill and The Dirty Youth who are first on stage at The Waterfront in Norwich.

The Dirty Youth

Hailing from South Wales, The Dirty Youth have been on the scene for a few years but are yet to create a real impact. Performances like tonights probably go to show why as their time on stage is decidedly average. There is certainly potential in these five youngsters but more work is needed if they are to achieve any level of success. For most female fronted rock bands the vocalist is the centrepiece, but tonight it was the vocals let the music down. Perhaps with more experience however The Dirty Youth can make a go of it.

Glamour Of The Kill

Glamour Of The Kill are far more experienced and it tells in their performance this evening. With two albums already in the bank Glamour Of The Kill have gained their own fanbase and aren't lacking in admirers tonight. In fact I'd imagine from the crowd's reaction that they have added to their followers. It's a thrilling set from a band who obviously know how to get a reaction from a crowd. There is a constant stream of crowd surfers throughout as the crowd reciprocate the energy of the band.
The band released their second album 'Savages' last year and its tracks from this album that stand out to me tonight. 'Second Chance' and 'The Only One' help set the pace early before likes of 'Feeling Alive' from 2011debut 'The Summoning' bring their time on stage to an end and sets up our finale of headliners Heaven's Basement perfectly.

Since their last headline tour, Heaven's Basement have spent much of the last eight months or so touring across the world with only a handful of shows in the UK supporting Black Veil Brides. Tonight is the first date of a lengthy headline run dubbed the 'Welcome Home Tour' and the band receive a hero's welcome as they stride out on the stage and burst into opening track 'Welcome Home' (what else?).

Heavens Basement

There's a new aura around the band as they explode through the likes of 'Can't Let Go', 'Fire, Fire' and 'Lights Out In London'. It's clear to me that they have learnt a lot from their time travelling the world and if possible they are even more confident than before. To be fair though it's hard not to be confident when you can reel off songs like 'Heartbreaking Son Of A Bitch' and 'Nothing Left To Lose'. There is such passion and energy in the bands performance that the crowd can't help but join in.

The career of Heaven's Basement certainly took a turn for the better when Aaron Buchanan took over vocal duties and the band finally set about recording their debut album. The album that was created is 'Filthy Empire' which is a quality piece of work from start to finish and has acted as the catalyst for their surge in popularity. Next up tonight though, the band dip into their earlier material for a Sid Glover led rendition of 'Paranoia'.

The tender moment of the night comes as Buchanan returns to the stage to serenade us with 'The Price We Pay', Filthy Empire's softest track. They get straight back into the rockers though as they bring their set to a close with 'Straight To Hell', 'Jump Back', 'Reign On My Parade' and the fierce 'Executioner's Day'.

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article by: Paul Barnes

photos by: Denis Gorbatov

published: 17/03/2014 10:08