The Pipettes / Metronomy

Manchester Academy 2 on Tue 17th Apr 2007

I remember hearing The Pipettes on a typical summer afternoon drinking Pimms and Lemonade. A friend handed me the MP3 player and told me to give them a go. I did. I felt, like many, that I’d been thrown into the life of a girl in love in the 60’s. The music made me smile and definitely aided a soundtrack to the feel good moments of the summer. It was simple, no nonsense music and I liked it.

Since, after missing their last tour, my illusions were shattered when I heard on the grapevine that the girls didn’t cut it live. Like many, the simple singing voices didn’t seem to work live and apparently were left best on Vinyl. I was perplexed.

The Pipettes

So walking into Manchester’s Academy 2 last night, a significant upgrade from The Ritz, I was dubious to say the least. The Pipettes had owned my summer. Was I really going to stand and watch that memory fall to pieces? The venue packed out slowly but surely. I noticed a definite trend in the audience. Polka dot dresses, vampy red lipstick and 60’s print dresses. The men were there to drool. It was like walking into a school disco on Heartbeat, excitable girls and horny boys. I decided to stand out the way.

Support came from Metromony, who in all honesty, were disappointing to say the least. An endless intro of mixed electro seemed to never end before the dull and bland lyrics kicked in, flowing back into yet more music. The energy was there, but I feel the crowd weren’t impressed and the only thing memorable about this trio were the flashing lights sewed onto their t-shirts. I’m unsure of what they were trying to achieve, but it didn’t work for me.

I wasn’t gathering a good vibe. The crowd however, were psyched. Screaming and chanting started, as the lights dimmed and a tannoy announcement was played, introducing the girls. They bounced onto the stage, smiling and waving and I instantly perked up. The girls are as cute in real life as they appear on CD. They have indefinitely bought back the polka dot with vigour, and everything about them oozed 60’s retro.

The Pipettes

Opening with 'We are the pipettes', momentum instantly spread through out the crowd. Even from the back, I could feel the energy emanating from those around me. The infectious music made me forget the horror of the support band, and I started to get into it. The tracks flowed well, and this is where I believe The Pipettes have got it right. Straight to the point, short tracks. No dragging out. Therefore, the music was memorable and easy to sing along too. Favourites were 'Your kisses are wasted on me', 'Pull Shapes' and 'Tell me what you want'.

The Pipettes

Whilst the style is not exactly varied, I challenge anyone who say The Pipettes can’t sing. Yes their range may not be excessive, but they harmonise well together and are able to capture that ability of speaking whilst singing. I felt like I’d been transformed back to another era for a night, happily bouncing along and clapping my hands, and after a few pints, the dance routines started to come out.

The Pipettes are fresh and funky, a true delight to the ears. I was not disappointed, and I feel the album will become another summer favourite.

article by: Kate Robinson

photos by: Kirsty Umback

published: 21/04/2007 23:51


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