Basement Jaxx

MEN Arena, Manchester on Thursday 7 December 2006

photos of this show
Playing the notoriously atmosphere deadening MEN Arena on Thursday night, Basement Jaxx did a great job in keeping the Manchester crowd not just alive but kicking. Having recently come off their supporting slot on Robbie Williams’ sellout UK Tour, this is a band that has obviously grown used to entertaining crowds on a large scale.

Basement Jaxx

Initially it’s hard to see how Felix Buxton & Simon Ratcliffe’s dance act could possibly work in a live concert style format, especially one on a large scale, but surrounded by a seemingly endless parade of guest singers & with a full backing band including a kilt wearing brass section, for those people in the crowd who hadn’t come to dance, there was plenty to keep them entertained.

While many members of the large audience seemed to respond better to past hits such as ‘Oh my Gosh’ & ‘Romeo’, tracks off the new album including the catchy ‘Run 4 Cover’ & ‘Take me Back to your House’ are by no means inferior to the group’s older material & fit perfectly into the set.

With more costume changes than Madonna & Kylie Minogue combined, the band’s (mostly female) vocalists are not only extremely talented & charismatic, but in this era of indie guitar bands, make a refreshing change to watch – jumping, strutting & dancing around the large stage as they perform. The singers have attitude, but seem playful & flirtatious, with one rubbing the heads of the front of stage security guards as she sang & another giving the finger to photographers before bursting into a cheeky grin.

Basement Jaxx

The large touring band gives the impression that they’re taking part in one giant party, but the main duo seem happy for the most part to stay in the background. Simon seemed content to prowl about in the back ground with his guitar, occasionally stepping forward to flirt with the female vocalists & Felix stayed primarily behind the decks, though he did come forward to perform on several songs including a great rendition of ‘Hey U’ & of course to scream the words to ‘Where’s Your Head At’ during a finale which even saw one of their roadies taking to the stage to dance. With the finale also including stand out tracks ‘Good Luck’ & the hyperactive Latin inspired ‘Bingo Bango’, the crowd was definitely left on a high.

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article by: Kirsty Umback

photos by: Kirsty Umback

published: 09/12/2006 02:28