NEC, Birmingham on Wed 3rd Dec 2003

Matt Bellamy and crew impressed the living daylights out of the audience in Birmingham. They're fast, grandiose but passionate, energetic and vibrant brand of rock music was absolutely faultless.

From the opening 'Apocalypse Please' to the dying notes of 'Stockholm Syndrome' this performance had everything you could possibly want. Loud cannon explosions to classical piano arrangements, supersonic guitar solos, as well as elaborate lighting chase sequences.


Matt is such a talented musician that at times I was sure there was more than one guitarist playing along. But no, it was only Matt playing like the true guitar god he is.

'Plug in Baby' got the best audience reaction of the night, saved for the latter part of the show.


Walking home from the show in the masses of people there was not one dissatisfied punter. Everyone was happy to have seen Muse; usually you get the odd person who says "but they didn't play such and such", this didn't happen, everybody seemed just absolutely amazed.

article by: Luke Seagrave

photos by: Luke Seagrave

published: 05/01/2004 07:22


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