Fun Lovin' Criminals

Rock City, Nottingham on Wed 17th Sep 2003

Over the last few years the Fun Lovin’ Criminals record sales have taken a slight dip, yet they still manage to pack out venues across the country.

The stage set consisted of a fully stocked bar (with a barman) as well as a tropical background to give the audience that laid back feeling which the Fun Lovin’ Criminals manage to pull off so easily.

Fun Lovin' Criminals

FLC opened the set with ‘Bombin’ the L’ which turned the dance floor into one huge moshpit, crammed full of people headbanging, swaying, singing, jumping. Huey (singer) could hardly be seen as he was in silhouette for most of the show, until the closing tracks, which is a pity because the fans come to actually see the band as well as hear them, maybe someone should point that out to Huey.

FLC played a couple of new tracks for the audience ‘Beautiful’ and ‘You Can`t Have It All’ (September 11th tribute) which were just slightly too mellow for my liking, but I seemed to be in a minority as the majority of the audience seemed to really enjoy the tracks.

Fun Lovin' Criminals

However the pace was stepped up a notch for the crowd favourites like ‘Scooby Snacks’ and ‘Smoke ‘Em’ as well as the classic anthems ‘Big Night Out’ and ‘Fun Lovin Criminals’.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals always put on a great show, and this was no exception, the audience enjoyed every minute of it, and Huey is so charming that he probably could sell sand to the Arabs. Fingers crossed that they will tour again soon.

article by: Luke Seagrave

photos by: Luke Seagrave

published: 11/11/2003 13:23


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