The Beths

Brudenell Social Club on Mon 28th Mar 2022

It’s been over 2 years since I’ve been to the Brudenell for a large gig. At least when the world went tits up the gigs were sandwiched in the best Northern venue. As pies and peas are delivered to hungry folks inside and out, a polite line waits to enter the band room, some wearing masks as the sign on the door as you approach kindly asks. I have a feeling the capacity has been slightly reduced, as there is room to move around the sold out show.



The announcement that Cherym are supporting this tour makes it all the more exciting. This three piece band from Derry (real life 'Derry girls' I hear them repeat to many a punter after their set) are a real breath of aceness, and worthy of a headline set of their own after so little touring. I caught them during a lunchtime set at the Manchester Punk Festival back in 2019, after the mighty Cheerbleederz, and the two female bands rocked that day, to me and many others. Tonight you can see those who also instantly come to recognise this during their short set. A strong, powerful female trio with the catchiest songs this side of some virus. Sporting their merchandise in the form of baseball vests blazoned with 'Cherym', they mean business. Songs about lost love, nice love and bits in between are delivered with super tight punk rock guitars, heavy drums and lush harmonies. ‘Abigail’ and ‘Take It Back’ are outstandingly catchy songs.


The theme this evening is about harmonies. Both bands display some blinders.


The Beths ain't fooling many. Four people are on stage, wearing grey 'Tech' hoodies with hoods up, which anyone can see is the band setting their own kit up. I like the idea. This band are so charming and tight it’s impossible not to love the sun soaking past sounds of this Auckland foursome. The multi-tiered venue comment from bassist Benjamin Sinclair makes for a running joke throughout the show. I spend time studying guitarist Jonathan Pearce’s pedals for the solo sound on personal favourite 'Out Of Sight'. The only down point for the set, all vocals could be louder throughout the night.



There is a definite broad range of age groups here in the crowd, which I always seem to note more at the Brudenell than many other smaller venues. Maybe it’s the multi-tiers. Tonight youngsters are giving their all to stage left, whereas the older but still in touch amongst us are stage right. It’s nice to share this music amongst the generations, when so many look for divisions lately.


Stand out tracks include ‘Future Me Hates Me’, ‘Little Death’, ‘Jump Rope Gazers’, ‘Happy Unhappy’. The speed is what gets me the most, the upbeat tempo and tight playing coated in silky smooth harmonies make the tracks truly stand out amongst a lot of today’s music.


I’m Not Getting Excited

Great No One

Not Running

A Real Thing

Happy Unhappy

Out of Sight


Jump Rope Gazers

Uptown Girl

When You Know You Know

Mars, the God of War


Little Death

Future Me Hates Me

River Run

Dying To Believe

article by: Danielle Millea

photos by: Danielle Millea

published: 11/04/2022 10:51


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