Squarepusher has two UK exclusive dates this week

with the live debut of his band Shobaleader One

Essex electro king Tom Jenkinson will make two appearances in the UK this month, better known as Squarepusher who has an new album 'Damogen Furies' to shocase as well as a new band, and a carrer showcase in Brighton and London

On Friday 23rd October Jenkinson get bassomatic at Brighton's Concorde2 with the first ever performance and full live debut of his band Shobaleader One - playing tracks from classic Squarepusher records released between 1995 and 1999.

Shobaleader One first emerged as a vehicle for Jenkinson’s group compositions and evolved into the longplayer 'd'Demonstrator'. Tom has since been developing this approach to writing and performing with a band, and has recently been working with an ensemble of like-minded musicians to develop new ideas and reinterpret choice nuggets from his catalogue.

The following day, Saturday 24th October, he will perform two dictinct sets presented by Soundcrash at the Troxy where Squarepusher will perform 'Damogen Furies' – in its entirety, as a fully-integrated audio-visual live experience.

The recordings on 'Damogen Furies' were all done in one take and born out of Squarepusher's development of his own bespoke software, designed for a spontaneous, streamlined way of performing live and, in turn, making the record. All this makes for Damogen Furies being an ideal work to hear in concert, as genuinely live electronic music, with the capacity for improvisation a primary objective.

At the Troxy he will be supported by 808 State, Metalheadz presenting the history of drum & bass, and The Comet Is Coming - a night of underground sounds, live performance, and cutting edge visuals.

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article by: Scott Williams

published: 20/10/2015 09:53

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