Scala, London on Tue 16th Dec 2014

dEUS are a band who've been plying their trade for the best part of two decades and to find them playing the intimate Scala in London is with a mixture of joy and sadness. Without a doubt they should be commanding a bigger venue, but the intimacy of the sold-out Scala leaves fans with a night of music worth savoring.

The career spanning set kicked off with 'Via' from their debut Worst Case Scenario album, a track that acts as the perfect introduction to any new listeners in the audience, a track that brings you into the lo-fi rock world of one of Belgium's greatest exports. 'The Architect' and 'Constant Now' placate the hardcore fans, but do little for me. 'Instant Street', arguably their greatest track drives them right into the good books again, a song that owes so much to its climaxing crescendo is even more epic in a live setting and has the crowd getting pretty raucous.

It's the should-be hits they are known for that land the most for me as the likes of 'Little Arithmetics' and 'Hotel Lounge (Be The Death Of Me)' it's hard to pinpoint exact influences in their music as it strays from straight up guitar pop to more abstract Zappa esque vibes.

The Flemish eccentrics provide the perfect encore, the delightfully weird jammed out waltz of 'Theme From Turnpike' alongside the repetitive sprawling epic 'Roses' tees up the killer blow perfectly. 'Suds and Soda' their first breakthrough hit and a song that is simultaneously incredibly daft and incredibly nuanced. Every member takes the opportunity to utterly punish their instruments with gusto. Intimate, sweaty, raucous and all in all a pretty special night for the hardcore fans and one that will only serve to pique the newbies interest even more.

article by: Paul Mullin

published: 16/12/2014 10:38


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