Skrillex / Flux Pavilion

O2 Academy, Bristol on Tue 29th Nov 2011

Hidden away down one of Bristol's many winding narrow alleyways is the hidden gem of Bristol's O2 Academy, a lovely grimy little venue, which is tonight playing host to one of the rising stars in dance music, Skrillex.

After a summer of festivals, the dubstep maestro brings his 'Mothership' tour to the UK, and tonight to Bristol, arguably the place dubstep can be said to have been spawned. Bristol has long been known as a drum and bass stronghold, and tonight the sell out crowd come to witness a man on the up.

The crowd warming duties tonight fall to Flux Pavilion, firing up the party with style and substance, dropping a great club heavy set, he proved the perfect man to start the evening off, getting the crowd bouncing together ready for the main event, after an hours set the crowd was gifted a quick 15 minute break before Skrillex hit the stage.

Being called onto a chorus of "I Am Skrillex" the man of the moment leapt to the stage, taking control of his Mac book driven decks and the crowd in equal measure. Leaping atop of his desk he screamed to the crowd "I Am Skrillex", with a swagger that could front any rock band, after returning to his mixing desk he began his two hour set of internal organ mashing sounds.

Skrillex delivered everything the crowd wanted, and at just the right time. Mountainous mosh pits engulfed the whole floor of the Academy, to great delight from the man in charge of the decks.

With a relentless onslaught featuring many of his back catalogue including 'My Name Is Skrillex', 'With You Friends', 'Weekends' and 'Do Da Oliphant' sending the crowd wild it was easy to see why Skrillex is on the fast track to the next level. Tonight he also showcased tracks he has successfully remixed for others such as Nero's 'Crush' and 'Promises' which he brought out of the bag bigger better and darker than the originals. Providing the highlight of the night for most of the crowd was the face melting mash up of his biggest hit to date 'Ruffneck Bass' which made the whole Academy bounce and scream until it could almost no longer function. Then, when the crowd can no longer bounce anymore they were suddenly able to really appreciate the lighting rig brought on the 'Mothership' tour with a huge screen splashed with jaw dropping graphic displays. Tonight Skrillex brought the whole package.

I can see Skrillex taking up smaller headline slots at festivals next year off the back of this tour, he is knocking it out of the park at the moment, harder faster, and darker than most.

article by: Jamie Licence

published: 02/12/2011 17:45


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