Hot Club De Paris / BEAK> / Gullich

The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne on Wed 17th Feb 2010

Unusually named three-piece, Gullich, opened the venue to a crowd of around 80. The North East boys were energetic and have a sharp, indie-rock sound with an essence of screamo. The lads seemed to be enjoying themselves even after failed attempts to involve the crowd, "Did anyone get up this morning and try and get Rage Against The Machine Tickets? ... No just me then!"

Next up were BEAK> who perhaps got a little carried away with the whole bird theme. The 5 piece came out in what can only be described as school P.E kits which were colour co-ordinated with their own, pretty, feathery, sparkly bird mask. The Sunderland band's Myspace even plays on the bird theme, with band member names being masked as different species from the likes of 'Blue Tit on Bird Bass' and 'The Green Gannett on Bird Organ'. Even their intro and space in-between songs were filled with birds tweeting and singing: A, for effort there.

The colourful and tropical bands visual was also reflected in their sound. The band were quite lively and teamed together with the colours, it was a nice performance. They have a math-rock spice with off beat riffs, racy drums and trumpets that sound very much like the instrumental section of your favourite Foals songs.

The crowd were more receptive than that of the first hour with less mumbling and more head nodding. I was especially impressed with the trumpet player who even with his 'birdy' mask played beautifully; their up-tempo tracks were perfectly suited for the main act.

Hot Club de Paris opened with the controversially named, 'Fuck you! The Truth!' The second track from their 2010 6-track EP - 'With Days Like This As Cheap As Chewing Gum, Why Would Anyone Want To Work?' The start is almost nursery rhyme like with the xylophone chime but soon kicks into the recognisable Hot Club de Paris tone of witty pop, and fierce instrumental attack.

They looked comfortable and confident considering the crowd were seemingly static once again. At one point guitarist Matthew Smith said, "It's very quiet in here has someone died? Or given birth?"

Most of the tracks from the new EP which they have released with Moshi Moshi records, followed including 'Dog Tired At The Spring Dance Marathon', 'Dance a Ragged Dance', and 'They Shoot Houses'.

'3.55am I Think We Should Go Home' and 'YES/NO/GOODBYE' from their 2006 debut album 'Drop It 'til It Pops' and 'This Thing Forever' from their 2008 'Live at Dead Lake' second album were also included in the set.

The peak of the set came when the lights dropped and drummer Alasdair Smith joined his band mates at the front of the stage to perform a pitch-perfect acapella - I remember seeing them live at Evolution festival in 2007 and their vocals are still just as lovely. The audience seemed to loosen up a little here, bobbing their heads and even a slight touch of laughter at their comical lyrics.

The biggest crowd pleaser came in the form of 'Shipwreck' the band's 2007 hit, the now familiar harmonies, alongside with the infectious melody and frantic vocals managed to finally stir some enthusiasm amongst the crowd. To finish, the Liverpool based band offered the audience a choice between a cover of Queen or Fugazi, and after a few shouts from some eager drunks at the front, they opted for Queen, and after the briefest of encores - a simple put down of the guitars - played Fugazi as well.

Hot Club de Paris were enjoyable to watch just a shame the crowd were a bunch of bourgeois Guardian readers who looked like they didn't want to be there.

Set list:
Fuck You! The Truth!
Dog Tired At The Spring Dance Marathon
This Thing Forever
3.55am I Think We Should Go Home
Welcome To The Jungle
Snitches Get Stitches
They Shoot Horses
Biggie Smalls And The Ghetto Slam
Choco Bear Meets The Intergalactic Space Jam
I Want To Break Free

article by: Sarah Fallowfield

published: 22/02/2010 17:26


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