The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne on Fri 22nd Jan 2010

Midlake are arguably one of the most highly regarded bands of the past decade amongst music lovers, with the press seemingly jumping upon them every time they manage to put together a full length album.

The band, hailing from Denton, Texas, have only released three full length albums since their formation in 1999, their first, 'Bamnan and Silvercork' released in 2004, their follow up 'The Trails of Van Occupanther' two years later, and their third, 'The Courage of Others', due to be released here in the UK this Monday 1st February.

Not taking too much time off, the band also released 'Milkmaid Grand Army' in 2001, 'Balloon Maker' in 2005 and 'Oak and Julian' in 2007, as singles, never letting their audience forget about them.

The five piece, currently taking their new album on a four month tour across the UK, America and much of mainland Europe, are certainly a band who like to take their time on their work, but with that time comes music so beautiful and wonderfully crafted that it's always worth the wait.

Signed to the Bella Union record label, currently seeing huge success following acts such as Fleet Foxes in the past year, Midlake are seeing great demand in their current live shows, with their Newcastle show selling out weeks in advance, and they certainly didn't disappoint the sell out audience.

Treating fans to a mix of old and new, with 'Mornings will be Kind' and 'Roscoe' reminding us why we fell in love with the band, and new songs, such as the first single taken from the new album, 'Young Bride', really showing where the band are heading.

With an almost hip hop like drum beat and bass line, with folk guitars, sweeping violins and soulful vocal harmonies placed over the top, it really shows a new direction for the band, giving their music a more modern touch, and really showing that they're capable of transcending several genres with ease.

This mix of genres has always been present in the band, as when they formed in 1999, they were all jazz students at university, and the front man, Tim Smith, featured on the Chemical Brothers track 'The Pills Won't Help You Now', in 2007, with all of these different influences affecting the band?s music, and in this instance, on their new single, with great results.

Midlake are a band that have always impressed me on record, and live even more so, I was worried before the show if they could match what they achieved on record, and they succeeded with ease, really delivering a tight performance.

The band returns to the UK in February for some bigger shows across the country, and they're regular visitors to the likes of the End of the Road festival, so it would be no great surprise to see them there this summer.

article by: Anthony Hetherington

published: 29/01/2010 12:32


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