Fleet Foxes

02 Academy Newcastle on Wed 9th Sep 2009

At the present time, it seems like Fleet Foxes are a band that can do no wrong.

Emerging at exactly the right time, when the rise of the indie/folk/alternative scene was just starting to bloom, the band have seen their popularity soar over the past two years.

Signed to one of the most famous labels of the past 20 years, Sub Pop, in the States, and also to Bella Union, the 'coolest label' of the moment, here in the UK, the Seattle 5-piece is in high demand, shown no more by the fact that their current UK tour, with only a handful of dates up and down the country sold out almost instantly.

Following the release of the band's debut album, 'Fleet Foxes', in June 2008, they drew comparisons from the likes of the Beach Boys and Animal Collective, and with songs such as the superb 'Mykonos' it's easy to see where these comparisons come from.

But that's not to detract from the band's effort, their album is a personal favourite of the past couple of years, but it's their live show that has been even more acclaimed in recent times, and with sell out tours across the globe, it's not exactly news to many, but for me, this was the first time I'd witnessed the band live.

Reading up on some previous live reviews, the words 'spine-tingling' and 'goose bump inducing' were used a lot, and it wasn't long into the set that these words began to ring true.

The band's fantastic vocal harmonies are the cause of this, and as their voices ring out over the audience, it's clear that it's a sentiment shared by many.

However, there were times within the set which I often felt unbearable. Songs extended a minute or so too long lost several audience members attention, and the lack of conversation and interaction between lead singer, Robin Pecknold, and the audience was at a minimum, making the frequent guitar tuning intervals seem that little too long.

All the same, the band treated fans to a lengthy 90 minute set, and with songs such as 'Drops in the River', 'Ragged Wood' and the simply sublime 'Mykonos', which sounds even better live than on record, the band delivered an excellent performance.

Having played a prestigious slot at Glastonbury this year, many people that witnessed them declared one of the best of the weekend, and after their performance I can see why they work well in a festival environment.

Their brand of their indie folk seems almost perfectly suited to be performed on a large stage, and perhaps something is lost when they play indoors, but musically, as I said earlier, I can only describe them as sublime.

This run of gigs in the UK, culminating in performances at this weekend's End of the Road festival and Bestival, was the last time the band will be playing over here for a while whilst they concentrate on their second album.

For those attending either of those two festivals, I'd definitely recommend them as a must see (if they weren't already highlighted on your clashfinder).

article by: Anthony Hetherington

published: 14/09/2009 09:15


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