CKY / Hexes

Electric Ballroom, London on Fri 10th Jul 2009

There are a few bands that bring people out of the woodwork. These bands that sometimes just disappear off the radar for years. You wonder what's happened to them, but they become forgotten in the past. Then out of nowhere, a tour pops up. A very small tour, but a tour nonetheless. Nostalgia is then soon replaced with opportunity. And opportunity replaced with reward.

Camden's Electric Ballroom played host this evening to CKY returning to the British Isles. A return a few too many years later than most would have hoped. With a packed venue and a crowd hungry for a live show, tonight need to be something special.

The show was kicked off with support band Hexes. A decent band with a fun sense of humour between songs, certainly helped take some off that opening performance pressure. The band's music was okay, a little blurred within the acoustics of the venue perhaps, but a nice warm up for the main event. Their final song of the evening 'Kiss the Guns' certainly got both body and room temperatures increasing to a more respectable level you'd expect at a gig.

30 Minutes later and CKY finally emerged to a deafening greeting. The guys wasted no time whatsoever in cracking into the set. Neither did the fans. Within a split second of opening track 'Inhuman Creation Station', circle pits had erupted open all over the audience, which were quickly compacted onto the front barrier. CKY kept their second album choices going with 'Sink Into The Underground'. This followed nicely by 'Attached At The Hip'.

Also from aforementioned album. A nice instrumental piece lead by frontman Deron Miller (Vocals/Guitar) rolled this third number perfectly into crowd pleaser 'Escape From Hellview' which had most of the population at the ballroom this evening screaming in unison.

CKY are a great band to watch live. Their movement and energy is always inspiring, and is complimented further by the madness of their audience.

Chad Ginsburg (Guitar) is always able to bring that little magic to his performance. He asked of one thing of us this evening, "To not shut up". The ballroom fanbase were more than happy to oblige. Throughout the set he was energetic and animated. He has a genuine respect for his fans and is always able to instil some audience interaction. Ginsburg was eager for any requests for tonight's performance, only to have a wall of noise shouted back at him. "You guys know all the songs. We can't play em all!" Ginsburg retorts.

As most musicians pay their respects to the recently deceased King of Pop, CKY decide to show their own appreciation in the form of 'Beat It'. Faster, heavier and naturally, better.

The set moved further forward with older tracks such as 'Sporadic Movement', 'Shock & Terror' and the timeless 'Disengage The Simulator'.

It was interesting to see the weight of their set firmly planted within the band's first two albums - 'Volume One', and 'Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild'. This move proved more than successful. Evidence came of this when 'Invisible Threats' from their recently released fourth studio album 'Carver City' was met with a more muted response. Obviously needing more time to saturate tonight's fanbase.

The requested 'Shipensburg' soon stirred the tiring crowd into a flurry once more whilst Ginsburg leaned his mic and stand over the crowd. To then throw it off stage several times. Much to the delight of the roadie behind him. CKY's show then came to a conclusion with a slower yet beautiful, 'Close Yet Far'. The sea of hands raised in appreciation of a great evening. After this final track was completed, the PA fired out Whitney Houston's 'I'll always Love You' to crowd singing along and pointing at the band.

Jess Margera (Drums) bellowed over the applause "We promise we'll be back soon. I promise no more four year breaks!"

With nights like this, a crowd this receptive, and a band that can still pull out their A-game performance, this is a promise that CKY needs to keep.

article by: Phil Davies

published: 14/07/2009 09:02


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