Verve withhold new album

more trouble for EMI

news: Tuesday 15th January 2008

The Verve are the latest band to join the ranks of EMI artists threatening to withhold their next album.

The Wigan band now join a long line of artists including Robbie Williams and Coldplay who are protesting against the label's threatened jobs cuts.

Richard Ashcroft and bandmates are threatening to withhold their latest album until they get assurances about the record label’s financial future.

The band's long-awaited follow-up to 1997s 'Urban Hymns' was due in June last year, but following the announcement of the restructure at EMI, a question mark now looms over what action the band will take and when the album will now be released.

Already artists Radiohead and Paul McCartney have walked away from the label.

The trouble started in May last year when a private equity firm Terra Firma bought EMI for £3.2billion and began restructuring the record giant and cutting the workforce.

EMI have suggested they may offer sponsorship on their band's albums, meaning future releases could be accompanied by adverts. What this sponsorship would entail has not yet been confirmed, but many believe CD artwork could feature advertising and corporate branding.

Perhaps, EMI will demand the artists carry the sponsorship on tour. Richard Ashcroft is bound not to be pleased if he has to wear a giant logo on stage.

published: 15/01/2008 18:35


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