no more Field Music?

news: Wednesday 18th April 2007

Field Music @ Latitude 2006 The future of Field Music looks in doubt. The group have announced that they are 'sick' of being branded an indie band, and forced to compete in the 'sphere of indiedom'.

They told BBC 6 Music, "We basically want to do things that aren't classed as 'Field Music indie band.' It just makes us sick so I we want to do something else. We want to still work with the people we like recording with and recording in the way that we do and make the music that we do. But we don't want to have to compete in the sphere of indiedom.

“"We're not going to be a band for a bit. But Field Music aren't going to be over because we've already got a bank account under the name, so we'll just continue of a company. It's time to go and do some real work.

Despite this revelation, they will release their new single ‘She Can Do What She Wants’ this week.

article by: Scott Johnson

published: 18/04/2007 19:27

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