Crowded House already playing live

news: Friday 2nd February 2007

It didn't take them long did it? After confirming last week that Crowded House have reformed and will be playing Coachella Festival, the band have played their first live date.

They made a suprise appearance at a Los Angeles benefit concert for drummer Wally Ingram, on January 31st.

It was the band's first gig since 1996 when they played at the Sydney Opera House.

NME reported that the crowd collectively gasped when they saw Neil Finn and his band take to the stage. Speaking about the surprise performance Finn said:

"We flew in from New Zealand this morning, which is why we're so bleary-eyed,"

"We played with Wally (Ingram)12 years ago during our Crowded House tour, so we wanted to be here for him,

Crowded House performed a brief set where they played hits 'Don't Dream It's Over' and 'Weather With You', among others.

The band lost their original drummer when he took his own life in 2005, after suffering from depression.

The band will play Coachella on April 29th, but we're still holding out for a possible UK appearance...

published: 02/02/2007 01:44

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