The Kooks

Rock City, Nottingham on Tue 26th Sep 2006

Tickets for this gig had sold out a long time ago, and so the fortunate few who had obtained tickets knew this was a gig not to be missed.

The Kooks arrived on stage after an unusually long delay, which seems to happen at most of their shows for some unexplained reason. Regardless of the delay, the audience gave the band a thunderous welcome.

With only one album under their belt, it was a safe bet that they would play all of the tracks. There was only one exception to this - instead of including ‘Got No Love’ from their current album ‘Inside In/Inside Out’ they replaced it with a new track entitled ‘Luby Lou’, which is in very similar style to every other song that The Kooks have written. I’m not too sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Frontman Luke Pritchard, still with his sideshow bob hairstyle, managed to keep the audience captivated from the opening notes of the first song (Seaside) all the way through to the dying notes of ‘Pull Me In.’

Most bands save their big hit for the encore and ensure that it is the best part of the show, but The Kooks played it during their normal set and to be perfectly honest it was the worst part of the show. However ‘Naïve’ is probably one of their slowest tracks and it was a shame to have to slip it inbetween such a pile of songs, which are quite vibrant and upbeat.

The fans certainly enjoyed this show, and the band seemed to enjoy being on stage, the only problem is while The Kooks don’t seem to be doing anything wrong, they're not really doing anything new - the music has done been a million times before. However they do make it enjoyable to listen to.

The Kooks are a band that you must see live!!

article by: Luke Seagrave

published: 02/10/2006 09:33

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