The Subways

Carling Academy Newcastle on Wed 6th Sep 2006

Some bands like to whine and moan, they like to whinge, they can't help but fret about where that next royalty cheque is coming from. And then there are bands like The Subways. Young, sexy, and with an ability to play rock n roll like it was meant to be played - loud, fast and exciting. This is what all gigs should aspire to. I don't want some middle aged, balding no-mark telling me I should make poverty history - I know that. I don't want some bloke who last produced a decent record in the mid-eighties charging me sixty quid a ticket and then telling me that I should give more to charity. I want good music, played fast, loud, and sexy, and that is what I got.

It was clear from the start that it was all going to go off tonight. Opening act Them Amazing Babies played a respectable set to an appreciative crowd, and some of them even danced, which is always a good sign when you are bottom of a bill like this. They play a weird mix of The Fall and Radiohead, and somehow it works very well. It wasn't as polished as it could be, but this just adds to the charm of this band, and I think this could be a band to watch out for in the future.

Next up were the hotly tipped Sunshine Underground, and they got everybody moving. Falling exactly halfway between Oasis and The Happy Mondays, it was impossible not to tap your foot to their feelgood brand of indie dance. Recent single 'I Ain't Losing Any Sleep' was the standout track of the set, although in all honesty there didn't seem to be a low point, and the end sadly came a little too soon.

We were all here to see The Subways though, and the atmosphere was intense as the intro music echoed around the venue. Billy was the first onstage, forcing a wail of feedback out of his guitar, perfectly timed with the music. The rest of the band soon followed, and launched straight into the fantastic 'With You', and after that, it didn't let up all night.

We were treated to a number of new tracks, including 'Fight In The Street', 'Boys and Girls' and 'Kalifornia' which was the best of the new stuff - it was all very impressive though, and shows that the sudden ascendancy of The Subways hasn't dented their appetite for penning killer tunes. The great thing was that the new songs went down just as well as the ones everyone knew, which is very promising for the future of this great band.

The crowd played their own very special part in this gig, creating an atmosphere that most bands could only dream about. Add to that the fact that everyone seemed to be looking out for everyone else, and making sure that anyone who fell was pulled to their feet straight away, and it made for one of the friendliest crowds I have been in in years. Billy certainly thought so, and made his feelings known by launching himself into the crowd on a couple of occassions.

Other highlights in the set included 'Young For Eternity', 'Oh Yeah', and an awesome, feedback drenched take on 'Mary' to open the encore. Closing the set was the stunning 'Rock N Roll Queen' and it was a perfect end to a perfect gig. In The Subways we have something great - make sure you see them.

article by: Tommy Jackson

published: 13/09/2006 07:03


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