The Wonder Stuff

Rock City, Nottingham on Mon 4th Oct 2004

The Wonder Stuff have recently had quite a fall out, with certain unnamed members leaving Miles Hunt (Vocalist) and still using the name. Not to be deterred Miles Hunt also decided to tour using the name of his own band The Wonder Stuff.

Rock City was bustling with life as fans waited for the imminent arrival of The Wonder Stuff. The band walked onto the stage to an appreciative welcome from the waiting fans. Miles, as always was down to earth and modest. He just smiled to acknowledge the crowd and ploughed into the opening track ‘Escape From Rubbish Island’ which is taken from the album of the same name. The Wonder Stuff are one of those bands that have that rare ability to make superb songs sound even better live, and this was no exception.

Whilst my eyes were glancing across to see what the other band members were upto, it was impossible to miss the glowing baby dolls on top of the amplifiers, which were certainly something that I had never seen done before.

Although Miles always receives the attention from the media, it has to be noted that Malc Treece (guitars), and Mark McCarthy (Bass) are exceptionally gifted musicians as well, and without them the energetic pulse of the show would quite easily be lost.

The Wonderstuff

The highlight of the night was their performance of ‘Was I Meant To Be Sorry?’ which Miles spat out the lyrics with such venom that you could genuinely feel the emotion behind this track.

The set comprised of old and new songs such as ‘Piece of Sky’, ‘Room 410’ and ‘Radio Ass Kiss’ as well as tracks from the new album such as ‘Bile Chant’.

This was a fantastic gig, and this is one of those bands that even if you don’t know anything about their music you can go along and thoroughly enjoy the gig. The Wonder Stuff have certainly got the right stuff!!!

article by: Luke Seagrave

photos by: Luke Seagrave

published: 13/10/2004 13:29

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