Vampires Rock Christmas

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham on Monday 17 December 2012

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Vampires Rock is a musical that is set in the year 2030 run by the undead. The club owner Baron Von Rockula is in search of a new bride. Baron Von Rockula then attempts to persuade her to agree to eternal immortality.

This year due to the tour being so close to Christmas, the tour was labelled as Vampires Rock Christmas due to the cast including a couple of well known Christmas songs.

Vampires Rock

Steve Steinman (Baron Von Rockula) over the years has developed a stage presence that keeps the audience mesmerised throughout the show. Steve has also developed his skill for ad-libbing to control some of the more vocal people in the audience who feel the need to shout out random heckles. Steve deals with them in a very professional manner despite the fact he has probably heard them all a million and one times over.

The show entwines classic rock anthems with the classic vampire love story. Ranging From the energetic opening song 'Welcome to the Jungle' to the legendary rock ballads such as 'Total Eclipse of The Heart'.

The audience at the Royal Concert Hall were treated to epic songs such as 'Poison' and 'Hells Bells', which were delivered with such precision and power that left you with no doubt that the cast on stage are very talented.

Obviously Steve can hold his own when it comes to vocals, however Hayley Russell (Pandora) is able to give Steve a run for his money when it comes to belting out the vocals and she is also a lot more pleasing to the eyes than Steve. However even though Hayley and some of the dancers are very easy on the eye for the males in the audience, the show also caters for the females with Jordan Bracewell (guitarist) who by the looks of things takes good care of his body.

Vampires Rock

Within two hours the cast had whizzed through some of rock musics most anthemic tunes such as 'Sweet Child O'Mine', 'White Wedding' and 'Since You've Been Gone'.

One of the highlights of the show is when the Barons janitor Bossley (John Evans) takes centre stage and does his rendition of 'The Final Countdown' and 'Jump' both tracks manage to get the entire crowd up on their feet for these epic rock songs.

This year saw the introduction of a couple of Christmas tunes incorporated into the show, which was a nice touch, however the show would still be spectacular if they kept to the usual songs.

Vampires Rock

What can be said about this show that has not already been said? Tickets for this show cost nearly £30 and even though it is a lot of money at this time of year, for a show of this calibre it is extremely good value for money. One of the reasons that Vampires Rock is able to keep selling so many tickets is because that with this musical you are guaranteed an evening of entertainment, laughter and some of the greatest rock anthems known to man.

Vampires Rock is a fangtastic musical that hits the jugular like no other show.

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article by: Luke Seagrave

photos by: Luke Seagrave

published: 20/12/2012 14:50