The Cockpit, Leeds on Friday 14 December 2012

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I always moan about public transport. I have a car but choose to do my bit and travel by this outdated shite service run by profiteering fat cats. Well tonight it makes me miss 15mins of Cud's set and gets me home an hour late. Last time this year thank f**k.

So when we finally reach the cockpit and run in to find Cud have warmed up by now, the crowd are clearly tanked up and ready to go. Carl Puttnam has a new cropped mop, the cud udder backdrop looks all Christmassy, Will Potter hands out signed Christmas cards to the lucky few at the front, and for a gig it feels like the season to be jolly.


There's a lot less people stage invading than the last time the band played here in June. That night saw most of the crowd take to the stage for half of the gig, returning to the floor after every song just to jump back onstage again during the next. Tonight there's more of a security presence, and a lot less are tempted to get their five minutes of fame.

Carl's rear is looking pert as ever, like it's held up with a wonderbum bra (sorry, but its takes centre stage as much as he does!). My friend who has not seen them before thinks he looks like a villain from Austin Powers. That paisley shirt does give him a certain air. His flamboyant moves are something to behold; even when the band need to take a break as there is a drum issue and he and guitarist Mike Dunphy play an acoustic number Carl is still sliding over the stage as he would do at pull pelt. The acoustic track is 'Love In A Hollow Tree', and Will joins in on bass until the drum problem is fixed.


Amongst all the hits there is a new song, 'Louise', a catchy song that fits in snuggly with the oldies. It is surrounded by all the sing-along songs, 'Rich And Strange', 'I've Had It With Blondes', 'Vocally speaking', 'Hey Boots', 'Bibi Couldn't See' and 'Purple Love Balloon'. Carl tells us the origins of the latter's name. There's also a great airing of their cover of The Kinks 'Lola', which has not been played in years. The set ends with 'Push And Shove', with many a friendly push and shove in the pit. Great Christmas gig by a great local band. This new song may just be a taster for more next year... let's hope so.

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article by: Danielle Millea

photos by: Danielle Millea

published: 18/12/2012 08:56

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